3 Betting Markets That Could Be Losing You Money!

There are over 150 markets available in the popular sport among fans and bettors, football, and choosing one can be easy, but winning would be difficult. Bettors would need enough knowledge in the various betting markets available to be able to get a solid win.

No matter how much knowledge one has, there are still some betting markets that are still significantly difficult and could give many bettors a run for their money.

Some of such betting markets are the three below that could be losing people money.

Correct Score

The 1 X 2 betting market may be a relatively easy market after doing enough research before placing a bet, and the over/under market could serve as an alternative market to have some difficulty in betting, especially when not betting over or under the 2.5 scoreline. Both markets, however, are a lot easier than the Correct Score market.

The Correct Score betting market has around 30 options to choose from with many different odds that can range from as low as 5.7 to as high as 501 as seen in the Liverpool FC vs. Newcastle United game on September 14, 2019.

The large number of options in this market and the widely different odds make Correct Score a different market and blindly betting here can mean a loss of money. Even thoroughly researching to make a bet on the exact score a game would end won’t guarantee a win in a bettor’s gamble.

The 1st Half Correct Score market and the Halftime/Full-time are other markets related to the Correct Score. The 1st Half Correct Score market for the Liverpool FC vs Newcastle United game on September 14, 2019 has fewer options with odds ranging from as low as 3.16 to as high as 123, while the game’s Halftime/Full-time market has more options with odds ranging from 7.71 to 501, making the former market easier than the latter as long as the bettor didn’t forget to research on both teams.

Asian Totals

The Asian Total is similar to betting either over or under, but much more difficult. In this Totals market, a bettor can be graded Half-Win or Half-Loss as well as Win, Loss or Push.

A bettor can win or lose the entire bet as well as end up with a push or have the stake returned to the bettor.

The half-win and the half-loss grades show up in a Totals bet with quarter numbers. Bettors can place a bet on the Over 2.25 option, which means that half the stake is on the Over 2 option and the other half is on the over 2.5. If the total goals of the match are 3 or more then the bet is graded as a Win while a match with a total goal of 2 scores is a Half-loss while a game with either 1 or 0 scores is a Loss.

Below is a table showing a scenario where a bettor would bet over/under 2, 2.25, 2.5, or 2.75.

Betting Options Total Scores
4 3 2 1 or less
Over 2 Win Win Push Loss
Over 2.25 Win Win Half-Loss
(Push and Loss)
Over 2.5 Win Win Loss Loss
Over 2.75 Win Half-Win
(Push and Win)
Loss Loss
Under 2 Loss Loss Push Win
Under 2.25 Loss Loss Half-Win
(Push and Win)
Under 2.5 Loss Loss Win Win
Under 2.75 Loss Half-Loss
(Push and Loss)
Win Win


Due to the seemingly confusing nature of this market, many bettors who get confused with how this market works could easily lose money as they continue to bet with the knowledge that they have could get some of their money back or win more than the other markets.

Winning Margins

Winning margins is a complicated market that may sound simple since the bettor would only have to guess how many goals the winning team would make without taking into consideration which team would win. It seems easy since you won’t have to look into who would win, but it’s difficult since you’ll have to guess the number of goals the winning team would make.

Placing a bet on a margin of 1 or 2 would increase the bettor’s chances of winning, but several factors could ruin one’s day when the winning team manages to score 3 or more. Betting above either the 2 or 3 scorelines would decrease the chances of winning a bet since high-scoring games tend to be more unpredictable.

A game with an underdog could end up in a score of 2-1 in favor of the underdog, and because the bettor thought highly of the favorite, the bettor placed a bet on a margin of 4, resulting in a loss.

Bettors can easily lose in these three markets, especially if they understand too little about them and started betting blindly. Formulating strategies might increase one’s chances, but there are many factors present in a game that can ruin a bettor’s day on a seemingly simple market.

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