3 EPL Teams Most Likely to Score in Every Match of 2019/20 Season

Many football fans around the world have already made a wide variety of predictions on how the league would end, and a lot of these seemingly ended up being nullified as the competing teams managed to perform surprisingly well.

Some football predictions stated that Tottenham would end up being the third team in the league’s top three, but their current standing as of October 21 doesn’t seem to give this justice. Predicting correctly how the league would end has an odds of 45,000,000/1 or so, and even predicting which team would win the league is hard, especially since Liverpool experienced its first draw against Manchester United.

Fortunately, predicting which teams would likely score from today October 21 up to the end of the league is somewhat easier.

Liverpool F.C.

Liverpool is currently the top team in this season’s league with no losses on their record and only one draw in the league against Manchester United, with the two teams scoring one goal each. Liverpool managed to score around 21 goals with only seven goals made against them in the nine matches they faced.

Liverpool has a lot of great goalscorers in its ranks that can give their opponents have a hard time outscoring them. Among their top scorers are several veteran players, including Mohamed Salah,SadioMané, and Andrew Robertson, who were ranked among the top twenty players in the league by FourFourTwo. Mohamed Salah was also able to break Liverpool’s record on the fastest 50 goals made.

Arsenal F.C.

Arsenal is currently qualified for the Europa League and hasn’t lost a game without scoring a goal. While many doubt that they can challenge the top 4 of the league, some people are convinced that they might be able to finish fourth next season if they finish fifth this season.

Arsenal might be having trouble keeping their opponents from making goals, especially with 13 goals made this season and 11 goals against them, resulting in a difference of only two goals. One can still have confidence in Arsenal, especially since, for the entire season, they’ve only lost once, against Liverpool at that.

David Luiz, who just came in from Chelsea to play with Arsenal, boldly stated that they have to win the Premier League this season. While a lot of fans may be skeptical, Luiz’s statements bring out an air of positivity, especially when taking into account the league’s unpredictable nature and the fact that they only lost once so far in the game.

“For me, if you start something, and we’ve just started the Premier League and all of the competitions, if you don’t think you can win the competition then you won’t start anything in your life,” said David Luiz.

Wolverhampton Wanderers F.C.

Getting qualified for the Europa League might be quite a longshot for the Wolves, but one shouldn’t dismiss them entirely when it comes to their scoring ability. One notable achievement that the Wolves have arguably achieved is their victory against Manchester City, being able to make two goals while successfully fending off Man City.

The wolves only experienced one match when they failed to make a goal in the league, and it was a draw against Leicester City. Wolverhampton Wanderers have made several goals throughout the league, making it harder for their opponents to advance in the league.

Nothing in the league is set in stone, and a lot can happen among the teams competing to keep themselves from being relegated and to attempt to get qualified for either the UEFA Champions League or the Europa League.

One can be relatively safe, however, to bet on the teams above to score, and they’ll just have to predict the number of scores they can make on their matches. Try betting on them now by registering www.chezacash.com.

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