3 Football Betting Strategies To Win Bets Every Time (Infographic)

Betting is a game of chance, but not one that would allow success without strategizing on a bet. Those who would want to make a steady income from betting would have to employ several strategies to ensure that they win a bet and not needlessly lose money.

If bettors would want to increase their win rate, then they would have to employ some of the strategies listed below to ensure that they win every time they bet.

The Over/Under 2.5 Strategy

Some games may be challenging to know which team would win a match, especially if both teams can either score high or can hold their own defensively. The best bet to make in over/under is over/under 2.5 since it is the average number of goals scored in a match.

Since it is impossible for a game to end on a 2.5 goal, people can only make an evens bet. A match can either end with either 2 goals at most or 3 goals at least, nothing else.

Games that end with a scoreline of under 2.5 tend to be boring games where both teams try to hold out and prevent their opponents from making a goal. Games where either team makes many goals tend to be more exciting than the other, prompting many bettors to bet over 2.5. People may bet to earn money, but they also seek enjoyment.

The over/under strategy has numerous advantages that can let bettors make a profit.

The over 2.5 bet has decent odds that generally vary whether the teams competing are high-scoring or not. Some high-scoring games may have odds of 3/10 while lower-scoring games an odds of 3/2.

Besides the odds, the best benefit of betting over 2.5 is the thrill of the game since bettors can freely enjoy the game as either team or their favorites, make a score.

The risk that comes in over 2.5 is when bettors bet on a low scoring game in the hopes of getting large rewards.

Choosing under 2.5 to bet on can allow bettors to play safely in low scoring games since 2.5 is the average. The risk is if the game suddenly makes 3 goals, then the bet is lost, but those who bet over 2.5 can also have trouble when teams fail to make 3 goals in total.

Betting over/under 2.5 may seem to be excellent for people trying to play safe, but those who bet without conducting any research are sure to lose.

Betting Against the Favorite Team

Football teams tend to be large teams that allow for a rotation of its players. Having a large pool of players allow some to rest from playing some matches to prepare for a game against other top teams. Due to the rotation and the tendency to use their best players in matches against top teams, a well-performing team can have a hard time against others and present a chance of losing a game.

It is because of the player rotation that makes betting against favorites a sensible idea at times. The odds of the favorites are lower in the first parts of the game, but when the opposing team pushes them back, the odds shift.

Once the odds shift, you could then lay your bet back. The favorites might send over one of their better players to keep the underdog from winning and end the game in a draw. If in the first part of the game it looks unlikely that the underdogs will win the match, then laying it back would increase your chances of winning and profiting as the odds will be better by then. This strategy is excellent for what seems to be unimportant games.

This strategy would let bettors win as long as they make rational decisions on who they think would win and on who they would bet for. Being emotional and voting for the favorite won’t turn up a profit. As long as bettors stay strategic, they can continuously win by favoring the underdogs at specific times.

Betting on a Draw

Draws tend to happen more in football games than in other games, betting for such is a great money-making football betting strategy, albeit tedious. This strategy is effective only when the bettor has monitored a particular team and found out that they have a pattern for finishing a game on a draw.

Betting on a draw recklessly without any prior knowledge about the team you’re betting on could lose you money as the team you bet on has a high win rate. Researching about a team to bet on is essential to winning a bet on a draw.

The research necessary is typically historical since one can only spot patterns by checking how the team fared in the past. Not all leagues are compatible for this bet, and those that have fewer goals are better for betting on draws.

Betting on draws makes it easier to win, but the problem here is that the profits tend to be lower. Continuing to bet on draws would let you earn small consistently.

Going for a double chance by betting on a draw and either a win or a loss for a team and combining it to an accumulator can give you some opportunity to make a slightly larger profit than making an individual bet.

The prerequisite to strategizing in having the necessary knowledge to do so and researching is the only way to do so. Carelessly misusing the established strategies by betting over/under 2.5, on the underdog, or draws without research won’t do you good as a bettor.

To profit from betting, one must research and know about both the sport and the teams playing in them. Once a bettor is well-versed on the chosen sport, like the famous football, then it’s time to register on Chezacash and try betting on the Premier League or the other leagues present and try out their winning strategies.

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