3 Football Players to Always Bet On and Make Money in the 2019/20 English Premier League

It’s still a long way until this season’s English Premier League will end, and the various clubs’ rankings can even change as the teams get competitive or suffer from their players receiving injuries that keep them from playing several games. As such, it’s still difficult to determine which team would win the league and which team would be relegated, but sports bettors can still profit from other markets besides the 1 X 2.

The anytime goalscorer market is one profitable betting market there is in football that bettors with biases can benefit from. Having confidence in a particular football club because of one single player might seem foolish when placing a bet on the 1 X 2 market, but if the records say that a specific player has a high chance of scoring in a game, then it might be a good bet.

There are already calls on which players are considered to be the top in the league, but they’re not necessarily the ones who matter in your betting strategy, especially if you’re going for a goalscorer market.Because there are many players involved in a single game and the instances of draws, even those made because no team scored, there are times when a favorite won’t be able to score a goal.

Sports betting has risks, and it pays well to have an advantage by knowing when to bet and whom to place a bet on.

Jamie Vardy

Leicester City F.C.’s Jamie Vardy is currently the top scorer in this season’s premier league as of November 6, 2019, and is a likely candidate for the anytime goalscorer market. Out of 11 games, Vardy managed to make ten goals overall.

Jamie Vardy wasn’t able to make a goal in several games, including one against Liverpool, another against Tottenham, and a few more others, but he was able to make three goals against Southampton where Leicester won with nine goals. He was also able to make two goals each against Bournemouth and Newcastle.

The fact that Jamie Vardy is currently the top goalscorer is enough to consider betting for him in a goalscorer market. The odds against him being able to make a goal are significantly low, which makes betting for him a good thing for when going for short-odds betting.

Jamie Vardy can make 0.91 goals per match in this season’s league. Vardy also has several Premier League awards to his name, including Player of the Season on 2015/16, Goal of the Month on 2017/18, Premier League Champion on 2015/16, and several Player of the Month awards.

Tammy Abraham

The second football player is tied with Jamie Vardy on goals per matches as of November 6, 2019. On all 11 of his games, he only played a full 90 minutes in one game and played a total of 821 minutes in the league while Vardy played for a total of 990 minutes.

Chelsea’s Abraham managed to make four goals out of Chelsea’s five goals against the Wolves’ two goals. Abraham also managed to make two goals each in two games and one goal each in two other ones.

The odds against him being able to score any time in a match are low, which makes selecting him for a short-odds betting strategy viable.

Sergio Aguero

The third top goalscorer in this season’s EPL in with 0.90 goals per match is Manchester City’s Sergio Aguero, who played in ten games in the entire league and have made nine goals overall.

Sergio has already received the Golden Boot award in 2014/15 and multiple Premier League Champion and Player of the Month awards.

Aguero played for a total of 664 minutes compared to Abraham’s 821 minutes in the entire league. Aguero was also able to make a goal in his 21 minutes of playing against West Ham and another goal in his 65 minutes of playing against Tottenham, even though it ended in a draw.

Betting for Sergio Aguero is a relatively safe decision when it comes to the anytime goalscorer market.


Sports betting with a bias for a particular player is dangerous when no sufficient data backs up a bettor’s favorite. It’s better for sports bettors to have no favorites at all and to focus on finding out which player has been performing well this season.

Formulating a betting strategy on the top goalscorers per team can allow a sports bettor to take the risk with single short-odds betting or a multibet with a few legs.

If you already have a betting strategy in mind with these particular players and any other top players from the other clubs, then you might want to test it out now at Chezacash.comas you start your sports betting journey.

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