3 players to watch in 2019/20 Season (Infographic)

The 2019/20 season of the English Premier League is far from over, and anything can still happen as the different clubs compete for qualification to the Champions League, Europa League, and to avoid relegation. There is currently a wide variety of players competing in the league, and some of them are more notable than others.

Many football fans have favorite clubs and players that they give their attention to every single game. Some fans even place their bets on their favorites to show their own version of support.

Various organizations and websites have already made their lists on who the top players are, and we decided to do something similar so that you will have an idea on whom to watch out for this season.

3 Players to Watch in 2019-20 Season

Virgil van Dijk (Liverpool)

Virgil van Dijk seems to be an obvious pick, especially since he’s one of the main reasons why Liverpool managed to get 21 clean sheets in 38 games on last season’s Premier League. Virgil managed to become the best defender on the previous season’s Champions League with the team winning in the Finals with a clean sheet.

Many fans are looking at van Dijk to win the Ballon d’Or, especially since no defender has ever won it since 2006. Real Madrid’s Luka Modrichas previously broken the Lionel-Messi duopoly, albeit being a controversial one, but the fact that he won the Ballon d’Or showed that other players also have the chance to win it. Virgil van Dijk is currently among the contenders for the award this year.

Some fans stated that he brought back some much-needed confidence for the team thanks to his defense, which improves the other players around him and helps them thrive, while also making defensive plays enjoyable to watch.

Virgil van Dijk said in his twitter account, “It’s not always been an easy journey to get to this point but I always believe in pushing yourself as hard as possible to achieve your dreams! It’s an honour to be nominated for the Ballon d’Or!”

N’GoloKanté (Chelsea) 

Many football fans all over the world love N’GoloKanté since he’s arguably the most dependable player in the Premier League since 2015. He proved instrumental in Leicester City winning the 2015/16 season of the Premier League, and he has become a critical part of Chelsea ever since his move to the football club.

Kanté’s other achievements include the Premier League title for the 2016/17 season under Chelsea, the PFA Player of the Year, the World Cup 2018, and the Europa League 2018/19.

The only problem present with N’GoloKanté is that he suffered a groin injury while warming up for France’s match against Iceland. It’s believed that his injury is a hamstring problem.

Chelsea’s boss, Frank Lampard, has reservations about sending Kanté out too early after his injury. N’GoloKanté may be the best midfielder in the league, but his injuries might keep him from playing soon in the league.

As of November 5, Kanté is back in the squad and has trained ahead of the clash against AFC Ajax in the Champions League.


FIFA has recognized Kevin De Bruyne as being the top Premier League player this season. De Bruyne has recently recovered from his groin injury and has participated in the matches against Aston Villa last October 26 and Southampton last November 11.

De Bruyne already has nine assists under his belt and was foreseen to become the fastest player in Premier League history to reach double figures for assists if he managed to get an assist on Manchester City’s last match with Southampton.

Kevin De Bruyne is back in the game and could have his best season at the Etihad Stadium if he remains in top shape for the duration of the league. Man City only struggled the most against Norwich and is arguably because it’s the game that he didn’t start in. He is also known as the best passer in the Premier League.


The players mentioned above are some of the critical players that their respective teams have and could dictate, or at least contribute to, the outcome of the game. Their presence or absence might be the key to determining whether or not their teams have a high chance of winning against other clubs.

One shouldn’t discount the other players in a club, however, since it’s not one player that brings victory to a game, but the cooperation of the many people playing in a single team that leads to success.

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