3 Teams Most Likely to Win 2019/20 English Premier League Title

The English Premier League is already underway, and multitudes of football fans all over the world are continually monitoring how the games will go. Many fans are already rooting for their respective teams while also making forecasts on how the league would end.

Numerous articles have already surfaced predicting who will win the league, but the premier league’s top three have already been decided on by many football fans. They’re confident that these would take the top three spots in the league.

Manchester City

The prediction that Manchester would become the champions of this season is based from the last season when Man City scored the first goal on 34 out of 38 matches. Caesars Casino listed Man City’s odds of winning the League to 59/100 while DraftKings Sportsbook listed their moneyline to -150 since they’re listed as the odds-on favorite.

A lot of football fans are expecting Man City to become the champions once more for the third time in a row. Manchester City won its first game with five goals while its second ended in a draw with Tottenham.

Man City has an odds of 1.22 in their next game with AFC Bournemouth that has an odds of 14.14 and an odds of 1.12 against Brighton & Hove Albion that has an odds of 27.94. Such odds indicate a high chance of them winning against these two teams.


Because of the people’s confidence in Manchester City and Liverpool’s current skill, everyone’s convinced that Liverpool will come in second. Liverpool lost only one game last season, and this loss was against Man City. If sports fans would follow on last year’s result, then it’s evident that the same will happen this year.

However, there are speculations that Liverpool will win the league this season. Liverpool is Manchester City’s closest challenger, racking up 97 points compared to Man City’s 98 last season. Caesars Casino’s odds on Liverpool for winning the League are 5-2 while their moneyline according to DraftKings Sportsbook is +225.

Liverpool has an odds of 1.54 in their next game with Arsenal that has an odds of 5.89 and an odds of 1.36 against Burnley FC that has an odds of 9.5.


Tottenham managed to keep Man City at bay in their second match by ending the game in a draw. Caesars Casino listed Tottenham’s odds at 14-1 in winning the league. Tottenham Spurs fared badly last season, especially since they only gained 11 points in 12 games. Their losses were also high but were compensated by two draws. Thanks to a draw against Man City, the Spurs received a significant morale boost that might keep them going to ensure at least being the top 3 of the entire season.

Coming up behind Tottenham, however, is Arsenal who has already won two games this season opposed to Tottenham’s one win and one draw. However, since Tottenham Hotspur has an odds of 1.25 against Newcastle United that has an odds of 13.35 while Arsenal has an odds of 5.89 against Liverpool’s 1.54, most football fans are confident that Tottenham would land in third place.

Arsenal and Tottenham’s match produces nearly equal odds for both teams, making the chances of a draw more likely. Should Arsenal manage to defeat Tottenham then the Spurs’ place in the top 3 could be challenged, but a draw can keep the Spurs from being taken out.

Thanks to the intensity that the teams present, many fans can’t help but become excited to see how the games will turn out. Bettors too have high stakes on how the games will end.

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