3 Teams that will Surprise Fans in 2019/20 Premier League and Why

The English Premier League is currently underway, and the number of sports bettors placing their bets on it is continuously growing year after year. Besides the many sports bettors there are in the world, a legion of fans is also currently watching their favorite teams and making forecasts on how the league would end and which teams would end up in the top position.

Manchester City and Liverpool are the two teams that many people expect would be at the top with the likes of Arsenal, Leicester City, Chelsea, and Crystal Palace and other teams most likely competing for the third spot. Both Liverpool and Man City are seemingly locked in their first and second spots, respectively, and the only surprises we might see in them is if they’ll suddenly lose their spots in favor of any underdogs.

As such, well look on the other teams in the league who has the potential to surprise both fans and bettors and keep them guessing on how the season would end.

3 Teams In 2019-2020 Premiere League

Arsenal FC

A lot of football fans and sportswriters have already predicted Tottenham to be part of the top three teams in this year’s English Premier League, but the current standings as of October 11, 2019, have shown the third spot to be held by Arsenal FC with Tottenham being ranked in the ninth place behind West Ham.

Arsenal might even be able to compete against Manchester City for the second spot of the EPL, especially since the latter lost against Norwich and Wolverhampton Wanderers. Arsenal currently has two matches, with the odds being in their favor. If both Arsenal and Man City would win their two upcoming matches, then they might still be locked against one another in the top three, especially since Arsenal hasn’t loss recently.

Contrary to many people’s belief, Arsenal might give a lot of fans and bettors a shock and finish the league in the third place.

Leicester City

Leicester City surprised fans and sports bettors once upon a time during the 2015/16 EPL when they miraculously managed to become the champions, the first they became one throughout their long history in football. It’s hard to expect them to make a repeat of what they did then, especially with Liverpool holding the top spot without suffering any losses, but it’s a mistake to think of them as a minor player this season.

Leicester City is already fourth on the current standings with two upcoming matches with favorable odds. Leicester has several new players in their ranks this season that operate alongside the top two tacklers in the division and Brendan Rodgers, which made fans speculate that they might shock people in this season.

As long as their players don’t receive any major injuries in the season, they could prove to be a serious threat against the strongest players in the 2019/20 EPL. One additional thought to consider is the fact that they were able to sneak into the European qualification and could even top Arsenal if the latter would either get a draw or a loss in their games; of course, Leicester will have to win the two matches currently lined up for them.

West Ham United

West Ham has always been finishing in the upper part of the EPL table and is currently not in danger of getting relegated to the English Football League. West Ham and Burnley are currently tied on the fifth place of all the clubs participating in the league, points-wise, and their unexpected nature might either land them the chance to either get qualified for the Champions League group stage or at least the Europa League group stage.

The Hammers finished 10th last season, but it has a chance this season to at least fight Chelsea for the fifth place or get qualified for Europa. One factor that would let West Ham compete for Europa is because they made a lot of tackles this season and the fact that Manuel Lanzini has returned to fitness and lit up West Ham’s chances pre-season.

Nobody knows what they’ll get with West Ham United, and just this fact can surprise different fans and bettors with how the league would end. West Ham’s competitors, Burnley and Crystal Palace would be facing tough opponents as of October 11, giving the Hammers a great chance to fight Chelsea and a chance to get qualified.

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