3 Ways of winning a jackpot (Infographic)

Many people bet, and a lot of them do it to earn money. Why? Because they have a chance of winning big when gambling without having to exert years of effort to make a large amount of money. One lucky bet that would let a bettor win a jackpot could very well change the winner’s life in an instant, especially if the winnings number in the millions.

However, gambling to win a jackpot is not easy, and a lot of people suffer significant losses when attempting to claim the jackpot for their own. Many bettors lose large amounts of money trying to get rich through gambling that hitting the jackpot seems little more than a pipe dream.

Fortunately, winning big isn’t impossible in gambling, and many people have already enjoyed their jackpots after being careful on how they bet.

Read on to know how you can win a jackpot when gambling.

3 Ways of winning a jackpot

Don’t Go for the Obvious Selection

Whether on casinos or sports betting sites, it’s not a good idea to go for the obvious options available. A lot of people might be drawn towards the first page of an online gambling site to place a bet on a slot machine since it seems the obvious choice to make as a lot of gamblers might have already spent their time there.

What gamblers should consider when betting in an online casino are a slot’s return to player (RTP) percentage, volatility, and branding. A bettor would have to look around for a winning slot with high RTP, which is vital since it allows you to make a high percentage of your investments back on average. Choosing a slot machine with low volatility usually lets you frequently win even for a smaller value. One common mistake done by gamblers is betting on branded slots since they tend to have lower payouts even when people win on them.

By looking around for other slots in the casino, you’ll likely have better chances of winning a jackpot. People should start checking out the second and third page of an online casino to look for slots with high RTP and low volatility to give themselves a chance of hitting the jackpot.

The same principle goes for sports betting since teams and players that would obviously win have low odds, keeping sports bettors from turning up a profit from betting on them. Some bettors also place their bets on their favorites without conducting thorough research on how the game would end which would often result in a loss.

Sports bettors would have to consider other betting markets, besides their usual ones, when placing their bets so that they’d have a higher chance of beating their bookmakers and winning a jackpot.

Bet High

Don’t expect to win big when your stakes are low. You might be hoping to get the jackpot in the perfect slot machine for you after winning the bet, only to find out that your small wager amount might be keeping you from enjoying your win.

The payouts in slot machines are proportional to your wager, which means that the lower the bet, the lower the reward. Cautious gamblers that make low bets would have more peace of mind when they lose, but they’ll be severely limiting their chances of winning big.

Betting a lot of money is a dangerous gambit since it can destroy your bankroll quickly, and this is what a lot of people want to avoid. It’s natural for people to want to win big, but nobody wants to lose big, resulting in a lot of people betting low.

Betting low is perfect for sports bettors betting on multibets with a lot of folds, but those who don’t want to tackle the risks associated with multibets won’t be able to win big even if their bets are on point.

Sports bettors who managed to research the teams playing thoroughly and can make sound decisions on who to bet on would have a higher chance of beating the bookies even if they make high bets.

Go for Multibets

As stated above, betting low is perfect for multibets. Sports bettors can win big from multibets as long as they do their research before placing a bet since it is rife with risks.

Sports bettors can string together low-priced odds with low stakes and win big as long as they bet strategically. A lot of jackpots won in sports betting come from multibets.

One roofer in the UK managed to win a 15-leg multibet that has the odds of 1,666,666/1 and earn £500,000 with only 30 pence stake on the line. A Yorkshireman also managed to win big, £1,000,000, with only a stake of 50 pence on an eight-horse multibet with the combined odds reaching 2,000,000/1.

Even setting up a multibet with a few legs can result in a bettor winning big as long as the stakes are high enough to turn up a profit but low enough to keep the bettor from losing a lot of money. Even in a multibet, people would need to be strategic to ensure that they’re not playing into the hands of the bookmakers.


The only way for bettors to win a jackpot is by being strategic on betting. They simply can’t bet blindly or continuously favor their favorites in sports betting if they want to win big.

Gamblers will have to research and think things through before deciding on where to bet, primarily since most of the ways to win big involve taking significant risks.

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