5 Most Played Online Betting Games Worldwide

We were once people of traditional booking—from movie tickets, food reservations, exclusive shopping, etc. But with the advent of technology, the rise of almost everything online has become the norm. It was no surprise that even the betting industry had adapted to the trend resulting in the birth of online betting and gambling. Casinos and sports betting Kenya events made the presence felt online, so more people became aware of their existence.

As this continues, online betting’s presence was even more emphasized during the coronavirus pandemic. Almost every physical casino and sports betting event had to be placed on hold to contain the further spread of the virus. But through the help of the internet, operations continued in the form of digitized games.

Online betting in the New Normal

Virtual casinos have become the new norm, and players worldwide can play from the comforts of their own home without thinking of what language to use to be understood, and no pressure from onlookers can bother. As long as a player knows how to play the game, there is nothing to worry about.

However, as this industry expands online, one must realize that online betting sites benefit from setting up fraudulent online sites. So, better research of legitimate sites has to be a habit before putting that money in the game.

Characteristics of a Good Online Betting Game

Many people during the pandemic saw online betting games as one way to make a profit. It is mainly because it has many games whose rules are easy to understand even for a beginner. It is those games that attract more players making these games the most played.

Here are some characteristics of the most played online betting games:

• has simple rules
• has various ways of playstyle
• is mutually profitable for both the bookmarker and player
• one can earn in a short period

Now here are 5 of the most played online betting games worldwide.


Almost all gamblers know how to play this game as it needs nearly no thinking—that easy! The game of slots was much different before than it is now. The classic 3-reel slot game is pretty easy to play as you will only need to create lines of matching symbols to earn.

Another reason why it has been so popular before is because there is an endless spot where one can sit down and play as long as a gambler would like, and that is still the same, especially that the slot platform now has online versions.


A game invented in 1655 by the French physicist, mathematician, and inventor Blaise Pascal is his attempt to create a motion machine. This game is also a favourite in our times, especially by novices in online casinos and sports betting due to its short gameplay can make wins in no time.

The game is simple. Players only need to place their bet on a specific number, colour, row, column, or square, the dealer spins the wheel, and as the ball lands on the number or colour that the player bet on, he wins.


The game of sports betting is also known as one of the earliest and oldest forms of gambling. Ancient people used to bet on animal fights, horse races, and even human fights that showed endurance between two people. In modern times, this has become a betting game in the form of modern stadiums that hold sports events that involve athletes.

Some popular events people line up for to place their bets are horse racing, soccer, basketball, combat sports, and American football, which are now available through legitimate online betting sites.


The game was originally a domino-card game played by a Chinese Emperor in the 10th century. Others claim it was derived from “As Nas,” which was popular in Persia in the 16th century. The French version of Poque, a similar game, became extremely popular. Gamblers love this game because it requires skill and very little luck to win. Blind bets can be placed at the beginning and again after each hand has ended. The declared winner is the player with the best card hand.

This is one the most exciting of all games, as you can win on your psychology and skill rather than a winning hand.


Baccarat, a simple card game that has been enjoyed by the wealthy, aristocrats, and kings as recorded in history, is a favourite game of high-rollers and can be played online by anyone with a bankroll.

It is a straightforward game. The player, banker, or tie can bet. When the cards are dealt out, the winner is the one with nine cards (or as close to it as possible without it exceeding). The face cards and tens are worth zero. If you have a King and five, your total is five.

This is one of those card games that you can’t play but bet on the outcome.

Before you begin playing, it is worth learning about the banker’s cut, baccarat card values, and other details.

Bonus Feature: Lottery

Through online gambling, it has possible to play the lottery online. Two things are worth mentioning. There are several types of lotto games. This game has the lowest odds of winning, and only the most fortunate players make any money.

Lottery games, unlike other betting options and card games, are purely a matter of chance. You cannot alter the outcome of your lottery game or increase your chances of winning.

In closing, there are numerous ways in which a gambler—novice or professional—can enjoy. All you need to do is research legitimate online casinos and bookmarkers that uphold a player’s best interest. Whatever form of gambling you choose, you will need some luck to make it work. You’re guaranteed to have fun, no matter what happens.

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