6 Sports Betting Myths that could Be Losing You Money

Sports betting is undoubtedly risky for everyone since it’s much easier to lose than to win when placing bets. Losing in sports betting is the norm, and winning is the exception. Due to the high chances of losing, many beliefs have surfaced, which dissuade many people from participating in the betting industry.

Besides the popular beliefs, there are also myths that many sports bettors believe in, which could be the reason why they’re losing a lot of money on betting. When people start finding out stories of people suffering significant losses in sports betting, then more people would likely have reservations regarding the industry, when, in fact, people are just losing big since they believe in several myths that eventually cost them money.

Below are some myths that many people believe in and use when placing bets.

I’m a Sports Fan, and I can Easily Win in Sports Betting

A lot of casual sports bettors started as sports fans who wanted to show their support on their teams besides the usual cheering. Because fans have monitored their favorite teams’ statuses throughout the years, they feel that they’re well-equipped with the necessary knowledge to win a bet.

Some fans envision themselves being able to win big while supporting their favorite teams, a win-win situation for them. They’ve monitored their teams closely and know how good they are, but most of them are likely betting from the heart and might have far lesser knowledge about their competition.

Simply betting on favorites because you’re a fan is a sure way to lose money, especially when you’re not keeping tabs on the other team.

It’s Easier to Win if I Bet Big on Short Odds

You choose a relatively easy market, and you back the favorite since there’s little chance of them losing. There’s nothing wrong with making such a decision even with limited research if you’re a casual bettor, but staking high opens you up with more risk.

The problem with betting high even when you seem relatively safe with your market and selection is that it only takes an upset from the underdog for you to end up losing big in your gambit to win more money than what you can with low stakes.

Betting for Manchester City with an odds of 1.18 won’t lead to high winnings when betting only 50 KSH, but going for a multibet with that stake and with other short odds selections can increase your winnings. Due to this mindset, some bettors might raise their stakes and try to win even more, but because of the dangerous nature of multibets, there is an increased chance of losing much more and regretting it afterwards.

I’m Bound to Win as Long as I Keep Betting

Many average sports bettors think that their luck will change as long as they continue placing their bets, even if they’re already suffering from a losing streak. Some bettors also try placing higher bets to get back their losses.

Losses are frequent when betting on sports, especially for casual bettors, so people shouldn’t count on eventually winning just because they lost many times.

Going with Your Gut Is an Effective Strategy

Going with the gut is a typical move among casual sports bettors since they’re usually the ones who don’t conduct enough research before placing a bet. These people may be tourists going to a sports betting shop and taking their chances with their cash.

Taking chances when betting can result in some wins as long as the bettor makes single bets. The problem with betting with the gut is when someone gets greedy and continues to make bets. This is dangerous because the sports bettor is only relying on the odds and the feel instead of hard research.

Getting high and greedy about being able to make the right choices when placing a bet often leads to the bettor continuing to make risky bets through luck alone.

The Star Player is Playing, and They’re Bound to Win

Most sports have teams competing in them, and not one player can dictate how a game will end if there is no teamwork present between the other players participating in the game. The star player may play a significant role in the game, but if the team’s coach doesn’t know how to use his players in a game, then they have a high chance of losing.

Most matches’ outcomes are decided by pre-planning, in-game alterations, and sideline leadership, and it is a responsible and strategic bettor’s responsibility to consider these factors when placing a bet.

A game can be lost if the coach constantly micromanages a team in-game instead of trusting in them and if the other side has better teamwork compared to your team.

Following Tipsters is the Surest Way to Win

Many casual sports bettors think that there’s some way for people to know which team would win in a game and where to place a bet for assured winnings, which is why they rely on other people to decide how they’ll bet. Some bettors might subscribe to professional tipping services to help with their betting experiences.

The problem with subscribing to tipping services is that bettors have to pay for their services when they can do the research themselves. Professional tipsters also have their hits and misses, and over-reliance on their services can be quite disappointing for the bettors as they lose not only the money from their subscription but also their stakes.

People should do their research to help in deciding whether they should place a bet or not. You can even become a tipster yourself if you do enough research yourself.


Sports betting is never easy since it involves a lot of research for someone to win and even doing it doesn’t produce a sure way to win; it just increases your chances of winning. Placing a bet on football is risky since anything can happen. You might expect Man City to take the EPL title only to suffer losses against Norwich and the Wolves.

Sports betting has risks, and believing in the myths mentioned above makes the industry far more riskier for bettors. Register now at www.Chezacash.com and keep yourself secured in betting by staying away from sports betting myths.

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