Best betting games in 2020

Gambling in live casinos is impossible because of the current pandemic. The best option for people nowadays is to visit an online casino using their mobile devices and engage in Kenyan sports betting or other gambling activities that satisfy their urge to gamble and win prizes.

Even if you have been gambling for some time, knowing what the best games to play are isn’t always an easy task. If this is your first time gambling, you should pick games convenient to play and bet with a low wager. Here are some of the best online betting games that you should try.

Online roulette 

Roulette is one of the original gambling games, having been loved and adapted by people worldwide for many centuries. Most casinos have roulettes, and for first-time gamblers, the roulette is a fun game to play as all you need to win is get the ball to stop on the color or the number that you bet on.


Blackjack is the perfect game for social gamblers familiar with card games, whether through growing up with them or viewing tutorials online. Blackjack is one of the most played games in the online gambling world because most people understand it. Blackjack is also a good option if you have limited funds.

Slot games 

Slots are mostly on online casinos because most casinos generate 70% of their revenue on slot machines alone. Many people play spaces because it is the most straightforward game to play and understand. If you ask any gambler, they might say that slot machines are their warm-up before playing other games and gamble on bigger wagers.

Texas Hold ‘Em 

Texas Hold’ Em is another card-based game top-rated on tables at brick and mortar casinos and online versions. Poker is a more complex game for others but once learned. It can be one of the most addicting. Different wagers can be set on tables, which makes poker one of the most versatile games.

Horse racing 

Because of technology, horse racing can also bet online. Everyone loves horse racing because it is one of the thrilling games you will ever play, and there is no way a horse race can get rigged. All you need to do is bet on a horse and see if that favored horse can get to the finish line before the others.


Betting online is undoubtedly an entertaining hobby and can even generate you more money if you know how to play your cards right. Before choosing to bet on any game, you should ensure that you know the game rules you are gambling on. Playing on the right online gambling site is also beneficial, so you get your prizes quicker.

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