Biggest Wins in Sports Betting History (Infographic)

People have different reasons when it comes to betting on sports, especially with the risks present in betting. Some bettors place bets to make a living, while others consider sports betting as a hobby. No matter the reason, many people are content with short odds betting to minimize their losses, as well as their winnings, while others take the risk and place large bets to try and win big.

Not all bets go well since some betting markets are too challenging to win in, but there are ways for people to avoid losing in sports betting. However, winning big requires risk, and such includes betting high and long odds betting.

There are many recorded instances of people winning big throughout history, and below are some of the biggest ones.

Biggest Wins in Sports Betting History

Risky $85,000 bet on Tiger Woods’s Comeback

Betting high may seem like a foolish move for a sports bettor, but it’s one way for one to have a chance to win big in a bet. One sports bettor, James Adducci made a risky futures bet where he not only placed a significant of money on the line but also placed it on long odds.

Adducci placed an $85,000 futures bet that the golfer Tiger Woods will make a comeback and win his first major championship victory after 11 years of not winning one. James Adducci claims that it was the first sports bet that he made in his life.

Tiger Woods managed to make history with his historic 2019 Masters Victory, and James Adducci managed to reap the benefits of both of their victories.  Adducci managed to make $1.2 million on his risky bet.

Heating Engineer’s Jackpot

Not all bettors can afford to place large bets, but it doesn’t mean that they don’t have a chance to win big. One heating engineer, Steve Whiteley, managed to win big from betting on horse racing one day in 2011 with only two British pounds on the line. Whiteley was able to bet after taking a bus to the race and using a free ticket to get in.

Whiteley won a tote bet that had been rolling for more than a week by managing to pick all six winners of the event. One winning bet was a horse that lost all 28 of its previous races. Whiteley got lucky with his bet after winning 1.5 million pounds or $1.9 million after betting only two pounds.

Whiteley’s accomplishment is something that no other sports bettor in the U.K. will likely be able to achieve.

From Pocket Change to a Million

One more story of winning big with low bets is that of a fertilizer salesman who placed 50 pence on the line and won one million pounds. Fred Craggs won an eight-fold multibet by placing bets on eight different horse races from different parts of the world.

Craggs might have placed the bet to pass some time, especially since he didn’t realize that he won until he went back to his bookmaker to place another bet. Fred Craggs would have won 400,000 more had his bet been a no-limit bet, but his ticket had capped at one million.

British Roofer’s Second Multibet Win

Another sports bettor also managed to win big with a lower stake than Craggs, only 30 pence, on a 15-fold multibet on football. Mick Gibbs, a roofer from England, had to predict the winners of 15 different football games and all but one was won without complication since the last leg of the multibet came to penalty kicks.

Mick Gibbs managed to win the last leg which was a Champion’s League game between the Bayern Munich and Valencia football clubs. Gibbs won a multibet with an odds of 1,666,666/1 and earned 500,000 pounds as a result. Gibbs already managed to win a nine-fold multibet that earned him 157,000 pounds in the past.

Anonymous Punter’s Big Win on a Multibet with a Limited Selection

One anonymous sports bettor managed to win 823,000 pounds after betting 19 pounds on a five-fold multibet. The bookmaker had to pay out the most massive bet it has ever paid to the anonymous bettor.


Many people can win in sports betting, but not all can win a jackpot of six to seven figures. It takes either a significant amount of luck or extensive research to win big in sports betting, and the bettor must know what to do next after winning a jackpot.

Most jackpots are won through multibets as the odds stack up and increase the winnings one could get. To try and win a jackpot of your own, register now at and get started on placing multibets.

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