Current NBA predictions [Infographics]

One of the most famous sports in the world is basketball. Every year, millions of people around the world watch the playoffs and the championship. Because of current events, the National Basketball Association (NBA) had to postpone its season a few months ago. However, the league already returned, resuming their playoffs.

Now that the NBA has returned to television, sports betting odds are now open again for those who love online sports gambling. As an online sports gambler, you should have predictions and odds already if you want your chances to win to skyrocket. You can have your observations or rely on these odds predicted by experts.

Western Conference predictions

For the teams in the West Conference, the Los Angles Clippers have been predicted to have an 86% chance of getting through the conference finals, way higher than the LA Lakers (51%), Denver Nuggets (14%), and Houston Rockets (49%). The Clippers also have a bigger chance of making it to the finals with a 43% probability.

Eastern Conference predictions 

On the other hand, the East might have lesser teams but has a higher chance of making it to the finals as the Miami Heat is already waiting for the Eastern Conference finals. The Boston Celtics also have great odds of making it through the finals with 63%. Last year’s champion, the Toronto Raptors, have a 37% chance of making it to the conference finals.

What are the chances of teams winning the season? 

According to experts, Boston Celtics has the most significant chance to win the season with 25%. Next to them are the LA Clippers, and Miami Heat is the next predicted to win the championship at 21%. On the other hand, the Rockets have a 20% chance, the Lakers with 8%, the raptors with 4%, and the Denver Nuggets with a -1% chance.

Which player faces the most pressure?

Based on several experts’ experts, James Harden is the player who faces the most pressure this season. Harden has the most difficult challenge because he has to go head-to-head with his former teammate, Russell Westbrook. And because of the Rockets’ team reset, Harden needs to prove that the team’s decision is worth it.

Should you believe the odds? 

These odds can help you a long way in placing a wedge. You can also have your observations and base your conclusions on your research. The odds given by the experts should only be a guide, and you should not solely depend on these. Also, you have to remember that anything can happen in the world of sports.

Checking a team’s status, change of players, injuries, and win-loss records should also be one of your priorities. If this is your first-time betting, you should start betting on small wagers. If you have a favored team, you can enjoy them watching but never solely bet on them because that can lead to huge losses once you have become a fanatic.

Where can you bet?

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