Different Betting Wagers You Should Be Aware Of

There are a lot of advantages to being familiar with different sports betting odds. You can gain much knowledge by simply watching your favorite sport. You can get to know the ups and downs of the game by carefully observing the performance of a particular star player or team. You can also get to understand the game better if you have a basic knowledge of the game. You may not always agree on all the picks that you make in the betting races, but at least you’ll be able to make sense of it all and play better wagers.

Bettors often find it frustrating to feel like they don’t have any chances of winning on your bets. Fortunately, there are many different betting advice for all types of sporting events out there, one of which is getting to know the kind of wager that you want to place. This will go a long way towards determining the betting advice that you receive and help you pick winners more often than you might think. You should always stick with the amount that you can afford to lose and never go below that amount, as this will always land you in losses.

Good thing we have come up with a list of various wagers every bettor must know before playing sports betting.

The Spread Wager

One crucial piece of betting advice is to use the power of the spread. The power of the spread is what allows many different sportsbooks to offer insanely low or high odds on any given game. Because of this, you can find some very juicy payouts if you know how to read the odds and figure out when the best times to place a bet are. You may not realize it at first, but you will learn that you could make some serious money by betting on a team that is evenly matched. Just keep in mind that there are some games out there where the price to win is greater than the price to lose, so you shouldn’t overlook the long-term value of the bet when betting on an uneven playing field.

Handicap Betting

Handicap betting allows the gambler to set a limit as to what he will wager and will often assign odds in such a way that when the time to start playing comes, he knows exactly what he has to do to win. When you play this type of bet, you know that while you may lose or win some money, the odds you are dealing with are in your favor. For this reason, betting on a game that you have never played before can be pretty intimidating, especially when you’re starting. It is essential that you know the odds of the situation, comfortable with the odds you are given, and most importantly, comfortable with the playing field you are playing on.


Parlays/accumulators are a wager-type system developed in the 1970s to automate the wagering process and have remained evergreen ever since its conception. It is also beneficial for making bets on sports events like football and basketball. The outcome can be very well predicted by using basic statistics or looking at current trends in the sport itself. However, even though they have proven to be very useful and versatile, parlays/accumulators have some drawbacks. They have high overhead and require skilled and knowledgeable betters to use them effectively.

Progressive Parlays

A progressive parlay is usually a wager of a fixed amount on multiple outcomes, such as horse races or team sports. In general, a progressive parlay involves only a single bet on four or twelve separate occasions. If all of the chosen bets win, then the total chance received by the wager is relatively small due to the enormous odds against it occurring.

The main advantage of progressive parlays is that there is still a small win rate. This means that you will still pay less money than you would for betting on more obvious lotto games, like the numbers for the week. However, the small win rate does mean that the total payout from a progressive parlay is relatively tiny. This is good news for players who enjoy playing the lotto but still want to make a bit of extra money from their weekly or monthly betting.


There are many different strategies that people use when placing their bets on other sports. These are simple betting strategies that can be used on any given day and usually picked up by people who have never placed a bet before. Some people will also combine different sports betting strategies, such as Box odds, Number Closings, Prop bets, and Special bets, to name a few other methods. To help you learn more about sports betting, you must do more research on the topic. Information is abundant online that you can find if you take the time to look for it.

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