Easy to Win Bets this Season (Infographic)

Many people all over the world enjoy watching their favorite sports and backing their teams with cheers as they hope that their favorites will win. Watching sports is already fun, but putting some money on the line can make the experience more exciting.

Sports betting may be fun, but losing isn’t. Some people might be okay with losing here and there since they see it as payment for the experience, but nobody wants to lose when they can do something about it.

Some sports are just too difficult to win when placing a bet, but some are relatively easy to win when matched with the appropriate betting market.

Easy to Win Bets this Season

Basketball – Multibets Winner & Total

Betting which team will win a match is easily the most straightforward market out there, but it’s not necessarily the easiest one to win in. The betting odds are naturally adjusted according to how strong the teams playing in a match are. Because basketball is more predictable than football, the odds on the favorites are usually lower.

Upsets rarely happen, so people will have to place a bet on the favorite to win, but the low odds will keep them from winning big. Sports bettors will have to go for multibets to increase the odds and allow them to win big.

Sports bettors can also opt to go for the 1 X 2 with the Over/Under market or the Winner & Total market since the sport is generally predictable on who will win and what the scores will look like.

Football – Over/Under

Football is one of the most popular sports in the world, and many sports bettors go to this sport as a default when placing a bet. The only problem present with football is that it is considered less predictable than basketball, especially with chances of corruption present in the games leading to fixed matches.

There’s little for sports bettors to worry about as long as they choose a betting market that can allow them to win easily. Bettors will only need to pick a scoreline and bet either over or under.

The Over/Under or Totals market is a simple and easy to win betting market as long as people don’t bet on impulse, and they research first on the teams that will play a match. As long as sports bettors know the likely result of a game, they have the advantage and can take advantage of the market. Relying on the Totals market is advisable today, especially when betting on the Premier League, primarily because anything can happen now among the lower-ranked teams in the current standings.

American Football – Over/Under

American football is a different sport from Europe’s football, but it’s likely to have some difficulties like the other sports. The Over/Under market is easily the easiest to bet on in American football, especially when compared to betting on the money line and against the spread, especially if you’re not sure about who will likely win the match.

You won’t have to worry about who will win the match with this market since your primary concern will be on how many points both teams will be able to make in the game. The odds will likely be the same, so you must research first on the likelihood of both sides being able to score.

Football – Goal Goal

Going back to football, one can bet and easily win when going for the goal goal market, especially when the two competing teams are equally matched. It can be challenging to determine which team will win or if the game will end in a draw, but it’s easier to know whether or not they will be able to score or not.

Over/Under or the Totals market may already seem safe for the average sports bettor, but the goal goal market is much easier since you’ll only have to bet in either both teams being able to make a goal or not to win. Bet on both teams making a goal, and the scores won’t matter as long as they can make at least one goal each.


It’s always risky to bet, but it’s part of the territory, and it’s one of the things that make sports betting enjoyable. One will have to know which sport to bet on to increase the chances of winning a bet.

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