How Coronavirus Affected Betting in Kenya

People can say that Kenya is a betting nation due to how prevalent gambling is in the country. Sports betting is currently the most popular form of betting in the country, and Kenyan sports bettors are now having problems with how they can continue betting with most games being suspended.

Online sports betting is virtually the only means available left in Kenya for people to wager on sports as betting shops across the country closed down due to the pandemic. Right now, Kenyans are adjusting due to COVID-19, as it affected the betting industry in the country.

Limited Games to Bet On

There are far fewer games to bet on right now since most games were suspended and postponed.  Many Kenyans became one of the English Premier League’s most prominent fans not only because of its popularity but also due to how well-organized the League and how extensive the media coverage is.

With the Premier League’s suspension, most Kenyans are now out of betting options since they focused most of their attention on the League. The extensive media coverage on the Premier League allowed Kenyan bettors to strategize and predict the matches’ outcomes accurately. The bettors can only try out other sports or virtual betting if they want to continue betting on sports.

Trying out obscure games with little to no preparation can be disadvantageous for a sports bettor since luck will become a significant factor in deciding whether the bet is won or not. Most luck-reliant bettors don’t make substantial winnings in their career since they tend to suffer more losses than professionals.

Bettors Shifting to Other Gambling Types

Because of the lack of matches to bet on, many bettors shifted to other gambling types, like poker. Those who can afford to bet online migrated to online casinos, made do with the limited games available worldwide, went for virtual sports betting, or started betting on eSports.

Punters can consider virtual betting more difficult than live betting due to the random nature of virtual sports. Bettors might opt to look for other gambling types to try something new, especially since many betting sites now have online casinos or virtual betting on the websites’ sidebar.

Online casinos are now on the rise as many people decided to gamble online, especially since bettors can pay using cryptocurrencies. Online betting done through mobile phones affords convenience to the bettor since they don’t need to go out to wager. The digital format of gambling is attractive to bettors, and the increasing number of online bettors is proof that people are still looking for things to wager on.

Bettors Taking a Break

Since there’s little else for bettors to wager on, many punters opted to take a break and save up their money. By taking a break from their betting routine, people can’t lose money, especially since losing is the norm in betting.

Bettors can still bet occasionally wager, but the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic and the enforced break on land-based casinos and sports worldwide can make them reconsider betting on multiple games.

Young Kenyan bettors might find the lack of sports to be boring, but at least they won’t lose any more money as they manage their finances these days.

ChezaCash now offers virtual betting services for their sports bettors, and they can try using it to turn up a profit. Online sports betting in Kenya is heavily affected by the pandemic, but the betting sites continue to offer services for their punters. Register now at and try placing bets on virtual games during this pandemic.

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