How the pandemic affects the sporting industry

No person in the world is not affected by the current global pandemic. Because of the Coronavirus pandemic, many businesses were forced to close. Others used the alternative of working from home, especially if their work is done on a computer. Because of the pandemic, all forms of live entertainment are also banned.

One of the live events where people are engaged in is sporting activities and live games. Billions of people are fans of different sporting teams, and millions are even involved in online sports betting in Kenya. Online sports betting was affected by the pandemic as well. Here are some ways that the epidemic affected the sports industry.

How did the virus affect the Olympics?

Perhaps, the largest sporting event that has been stopped by the pandemic is the Summer Olympics in Tokyo. The Olympics were scheduled next year due to the virus. The annual Olympic torch relay was done last March 12 without any audience. Japan rescheduled the Olympics to a date beyond 2020 but not later than summer 2021.

On April 29, 2020, Prime Minister Shinzo Abe stated that the games “must be held in a way that shows the world has won its battle against the coronavirus pandemic.” The prime minister also noted that the Olympics would be canceled if a vaccine is not developed. Otherworld games were also canceled because of the pandemic.

How did the virus affect different sports?

In football, the 2020 Australian Football League (AFL) season was suspended until June 11, while the finals series of the 2020 AFL Women’s season was canceled after its semi-finals were played, with no premiership awarded. The season was continued. However, the games were done on arenas that have no audience.

In the sport of basketball, the National Basketball Association (NBA), canceled its season after Utah Jazz player Rudy Gobert tested positive for Coronavirus before the scheduled game against OKC. Last July 30, the 2019-2020 NBA season restarted and would finish no later than the second week of October.

In terms of mixed martial arts, ONE Fighting Championship moved its “King of The Jungle” pay-per-view indoors. Their ONE Infinity 1 PPV was moved from Chongqing, China, to Jakarta, Indonesia. The Ultimate Fighting Championship did the same thing as they went to their UFC Fight Night: Lee vs. Oliveira PPV behind closed doors.

Several professional wrestling companies have canceled major events that were canceled because of the pandemic. New Japan Pro Wrestling, for instance, canceled all scheduled shows from March 1 to June 9. American promotion World Wrestling Entertainment did their shows on their performance center with no audience.

Of all the sports, perhaps, e-sports is the only sports that are not that affected. Yes, live e-sporting events do not come with an audience. However, most e-sports events happened behind closed doors. The only difference is there were better receptions as e-sports games were broadcasted through internet streams.

What about sports betting?

In terms of online sports betting in Kenya, everyone can still bet on their sports team if the league proceeds to continue their games. There are also other betting games that you can get engaged in. If you want to participate in sports betting hobby, you can start betting by visiting

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