How to Almost Never Lose in Sports Betting

Kenya’s unemployment rate is currently at its peak, and many of the country’s youth have engaged in gambling activities to try and make an income. Some gamble for fun, but there are more who wish to have an additional source of income to supplement their low paying jobs.

Gambling is risky since the chances of losing money are high when done blind and recklessly, but there are ways one can do to minimize the risk and win repeatedly. A gambler should know the right price, the right market, and the right time to place a bet if the goal is to profit from the deed.

Know the Sport and the Player(s) Inside Out

A blind sports bettor doesn’t know anything about the particular sport being betted on, resulting in significant losses, especially when done repeatedly; continuously trusting in lady luck without any knowledge whatsoever.

Bettors should know their sports inside out before placing their bets, especially since there are a lot of factors in athletes winning their games. Some teams and individual athletes play excellently while some win their games by chance or by luck.

The favorite athlete also doesn’t always win, and bookies might miss out some crucial details resulting in the ideal player getting low odds of winning only to suffer defeat from what bookmakers overlooked.

Make Sure You Understand the Various Markets

After knowing your sport inside out, it is vital that you get more information on other possible markets that the many bookies offer. Bookies, arguably, offer more ways to lose, but some offer better markets with good prices.

You might be accustomed to betting on a team to win, but then your favorite might have to face a harder opponent which would keep you from having an assured win. Many bookies can also manipulate the popular markets to prevent people from winning, but some markets might focus on an individual and how many scores that player can make. Such markets are safer to bet on than others, keeping you from losing or at least losing too much money; however, they are obscure.

An obscure market is still a market that requires sufficient knowledge to benefit from. Such markets include the “Half time/Full time” and “win both halves” market.

“HF/TF” bets and “win both halves” bets differ. HF/TF lets you bet on a team to win at half time and either go with that team or another to win the entire match. Both halves, on the other hand, only lets you bet on both halves of a game separately but requires your team to outscore their opponents in both halves.

The odds are high on these two markets, but they are extremely volatile. A team might start the first half greatly only to lose steam on the second and lose, keeping you from winning on a both halves bet or an HF/TF bet in favor of only one team.

Further understanding of obscure markets is needed for sports bettors to win big in them.

Place Informed Bets and Not Emotional Ones

You might favor one particular team, resulting in your constant betting on them, even if the odds are against them. Consistently betting through emotion is a sure way to lose money.

Sports create an emotional connection between a team or athlete and the spectator, resulting in die-hard fans coming out and continuously rooting for them to win. Should those die-hard fans go bet, then they have more chances of losing should their team face a tough opponent.

It is essential to bet after you’ve thought out who you should bet for, or if you really love your team, you can choose another market that focuses on how many a player scores.

Consider Following Less Popular Sports

Bookies are always seeking more ways to win money from bettors, which means they are also aiming to cover less popular sports that they may still have limited knowledge of. Limited understanding of a particular sport means limited manipulation done by the bookies on the market.

The MMA scene is currently on the rise and bookies may still have limited information, but bettors who love MMA would be able to make more accurate predictions that would land them wins.

Having enough knowledge lets you have higher chances of winning than when you’re betting blindly and you test your knowledge by going for online sports betting. Visit and register to get started in online sports betting.




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