How To Beat Your Bookie All The Time

The English Premier League is currently in full swing today and has successfully attracted the attention of millions of football fans, sports bettors, and bookies all over the world. Many fans might also resort to betting as a sign of support for their favorite teams, further adding to the number of active sports bettors today. None of them would likely want to lose even if they’re lacking confidence in winning, and others are bound to be thinking of ways for them to win.

Sports betting is risky both as a hobby and as a means to earn a living since anyone can lose big financially when they place their bets on the wrong team, outcome, or player. The odds and winnings present in a market may be quite tempting, but one shouldn’t rely on them alone when deciding how to bet.

Some people might shirk from betting because of the risk and the uncertainty of the results, but this shouldn’t be an issue since there are still ways that they can beat their bookies.

Know Everything About Your Sport

You must know the sport you’re betting on if you want to have a chance to beat your bookie. Betting blindly is one sure way to lose, especially if you’re planning to bet on football.

Football’s popularity in the world today means that a lot of people are joining in the action, including the many bookmakers who’re trying to use the sport to their advantage. You’ll need to know the sport to have an idea of the various leagues present in it as well as the famous teams and players participating in them.

Knowing about the sport lets you bet on other things besides the outcome of the game as well as bet on the different leagues present besides the popular English Premier League, La Liga, and Serie A. If you’re planning to bet on your favorite sport which happened to be less-popular worldwide, then you have a competitive edge against the bookies there.

Knowing more about your sport than the bookies lets you make wise decisions when betting, increasing your chances of beating them.

Choose a Different Market

Being equipped with the necessary knowledge on the sport you’re betting on allows you to check out the various betting markets available as well as bet on them confidently. You might stick to the English Premier League or the other popular leagues, but at least you can make smart decisions on where to place your bets to ensure that you have a higher chance of winning.

It’s difficult to predict which team would win in a match, especially when both are equally matched, but being knowledgeable about your sport lets you bet on whether both teams are likely to score, on how many goals would be made before the game would end, who would score first, who would score last, and more.

By choosing a different market, you can increase your chances of winning against the bookies. Bookmakers might arguably be setting up more markets to increase their chances of winning against bettors, but not even the bookies know everything about the various markets.

Trying out other betting markets can let you beat bookies as long as you know a lot about the sport.

Betting on Fewer Selections

Playing it safe by placing a bet on a selection with low odds might be the way to go to win some against the bookies, especially when setting them up for a multibet. Putting up a 20-fold accumulator is crazy since the odds would become astronomical, and your chances of winning would drop significantly. Some bettors might have been lucky enough to win hundreds of thousands or millions worth of cash through such multibets, but a method like that doesn’t for everybody.

To increase your chances of winning, you’ll need to either set up multibets with fewer selections or settle on single bets. Betting on fewer selections allows sports bettors to make more calculated decisions on their bets and reduce their losses.

Use Your Head When Betting

Using your head when betting means being strategic with your decisions. Once you’ve done your research, you can finally bet on the likely winners instead of your favorites, especially if their chances of winning are doubtful.

You’ll have to formulate a strategy on how you’ll place your bets to ensure that you have an edge against the bookies, and that’s where all your research would come into play. Even if you have absolute faith in your team or a player, you’ll have to trust the results of your research, even if they go against your favorites.

When you already know how to bet, you should consider stepping up your game and setting up multiple betting accounts with different online bookies. You might feel lazy doing it or actively avoid it because you think that you need to be loyal to one bookie, but you must set your priorities straight; do you want to beat the bookies or not?

Setting up multiple accounts allows you to take advantage of startup bonuses and free bets available for new sports bettors as well as the different odds each bookie has for a particular event and market. You’ll need to use every advantage you can get if you want to beat the bookies.


You might think that sports betting is hard, and it rightly is, especially if you’re gunning for the win, but you shouldn’t lose hope and stop betting or resign yourself to a losing streak. You have a chance to win, and it’s your job to grab it and know how to use it.

Looking to win is good, but becoming reckless to try grabbing it is not. You must outsmart the bookmakers in many areas of the game to beat them. Remember, a successful sports bettor is one who wins more and loses less, and even small winnings count as wins.

To beat your bookie, you’ll have to be strategic. If you already have a strategy prepared and you want to try it out now, then visit and register now to get started on sports betting.

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