How to Keep Yourself from Losing Big in Sports Betting

Without a doubt, sports betting is extremely risky for every single bettor on the planet, and no amount of preparation can eliminate all of the risks. Even though there’s a significant chance that people will lose big when betting, many still engage in the activity due to the enticing promise of earning easy money in the many betting shops in Kenya.

Betting may be risky, but there are ways that bettors can use to keep themselves from losing big when it comes to sports betting.

Accept Your Losses

It’s vital to accept that losing is usually the norm in sports betting, and it is often more prevalent than winning. Since it’s normal to lose, even among experienced sports bettors, people must learn to accept their losses and keep themselves from making foolish decisions after losing.

Every single sports bettor can experience a losing period, and the key to avoiding losing big in such a period is to overcome it with minimal financial losses and no emotional damage whatsoever. If a sports bettor either decides to chase the losses or to stop betting altogether, then they’ve already lost.

A bettor must accept the loss and not immediately placing a bet after losing.

Manage Your Bankroll

It may be impossible to win in sports betting consistently, but it’s not impossible to avoid losing big on bets. There’s always a chance to win big in a sports bet, and bettors must manage both their bets and their bankrolls when betting.

One way to manage a bet is by allotting only one or two percent of the bettor’s bankroll on a game to keep their losses to a minimum. The bet may seem to be too little to be able to win big in a game, but it’s precisely just right for beginners. Betting small essentially keeps anyone from losing big.

Betting high, around five percent per game, can drain a sports bettor’s funds quickly when betting in many games. One must consider the relatively high chances of losing when placing bets since a bad day can result in significant financial losses.

Betting small has its advantages since losing isn’t much of a big deal when the stakes aren’t high. Setting up a bankroll from the many small winnings one can make through small bets, can open up opportunities to occasionally place big bets here and there.

It’s still advisable to keep on betting only one or two percent of the bettor’s bankroll per game to keep the losses at a minimum.

Plan How Many Games to Bet On

The next step to managing a bet is planning the number of games to place a bet on to ensure that no bettor will exhaust too much of their bankroll. Betting on a lot of games can potentially lead to large winnings, but it can also lead to significant losses that no one wants.

Even betting one percent of the bankroll per game, but going far as to bet on twenty games will result in twenty percent of the bankroll being exhausted, especially on a bad weekend.

Sports bettors must know when to stop betting, and they can do this by planning how many games they’ll bet on a day to keep their losses low. Committing to only a few games to bet on a day can also help keep bettors from chasing their losses.

Stop Chasing Losses

One error many sports bettors commit that eventually result in losing big is placing more bets in an attempt to regain their losses. It isn’t enjoyable to lose money when betting, and many bettors might think of betting more to try and win back their money at least.

No bettor should try and chase their losses since doing so makes the bettor prone to making uneducated decisions and betting when they’re at a disadvantage. Bettors may also forget to manage their bankrolls and bet beyond their limitations.

Bettors must learn to accept their losses and control their betting habits since a lucky bet that lets them win big will only serve as a temptation to continue betting. Because sports betting has its risks, placing more bets can lead to a bettor going broke.


It’s virtually impossible to win in sports betting constantly, but it’s not impossible to win a game now and then. Sports bettors can only succeed when they strategize on how they’ll bet and when they can finally control themselves from deviating from their plans.

Sports bettors must know how they can bet effectively to minimize their losses and maximize their winnings.

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