How to Profit from Online Roulette

Online sports betting in Kenya is an excellent way to relieve stress and earn money at the same time. You can bet for your favorite team, and if they win, it is a double victory as you also win a wager. On the other hand, the most online sportsbook does not only offer sports betting. They offer classic casino games as well.

Unlike traditional casinos, online casinos have way more tables to offer because their games do not take up physical space. One of the most played casino games is roulette because of the variety of odds that it has. Roulette has been the face of casino games for as long as anyone can remember.

One of the things you can imagine when you think of a casino is the roulette table across the casino hallway. Seeing the wheel spin has been the delight of many gamblers for centuries. You can use strategies if you wish to win a game of online casino roulette, and here are some of them.

Know that there are two types of wheel 

American wheel 

This type of wheel is found in North and South American casinos and generally, in any American Roulette game. American revolutions have 38 pockets, 36 for numbers 1 through 36, and 2 for the zero and the double zero. American wheels are also called dual zero wheels as it has an extra pocket for the double zero.

French wheel 

On the other hand, the French wheel is found at both French and European Roulette games. Unlike the American wheel, which has 38 pockets, the French one features only 37. The French wheel features either ‘en prison’ or a ‘le partage’ rule, which decreases the house even further to 1.35% for even money bets.

Different kinds of bets 

Inside and outside bets 

The bets that you can place on inside bets are only single numbers, rows, and columns. Most inside bets in American Roulette feature numbers 1 through 36. On the other hand, outside bets feature different betting options like color, odd or even, high or low, etc. If the ball lands on zero, any outside bets will be lost and nullified.

How do you win in online roulette?

There are three betting strategies you can use to win, which are flat betting, and positive and negative progressions. Flat betting is placing the same bet over and over again without alteration. By choosing this playstyle, you can effectively predict the minimum amount of spins that you can play. This play is safe and consistent.

On the other hand, progression systems are when you frequently change your bets’ size depending on the previous outcome. A positive progression means placing larger bets after each winning spin. On the other hand, negative progression is when you increase your chance after every loss then lowering it once you win.

When can you start betting online?

If you want to start betting online, you should go to trustworthy sportsbooks that offer quick payouts and multiple betting options. There are several sites that offer live casino in Singapore and Kenya. If you’re going to play slots today or bet for your favorite sports teams, you can go to our website at

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