How to Profit on Virtual Betting in Kenya

Many sports bettors once made a profit from jackpots and live betting in Kenya when there were plenty of matches to bet on and when the popular English Premier League was underway. During off-seasons, sports bettors resorted to other betting options to continue gambling even when there aren’t any live games available, among them are virtual sports.

Virtual betting in Kenya has been an attractive option for sports bettors to continue betting when the popular leagues ended. Bettors find themselves on a different landscape when betting on virtual sports, as some of their betting strategies become ineffective in virtual games.

The difference between betting on live games and virtual sports betting is live games have many different factors that dictate how a game ends, including the players’ histories and skills, while virtual games are purely random. A virtual match’s outcome depends on a Random Number generator, which tells how a game will end up. Will a team mess up a goal if there are any goals, will a team be able to defend, and others are determined randomly.

Because the landscape is different, and it’s become more challenging to determine the outcome, sports bettors must know how to profit from virtual betting in Kenya.

Bet Small Amounts

Virtual sports end randomly, so there’s no safe bet than betting on short odds, and even that can sometimes backfire as a team that you’re expecting to win suddenly loses. Losing is the norm in sports betting, and all the more so with virtual games, so a bettor should prioritize minimizing their losses as much as possible.

Sticking to a fixed staking plan of a small amount of money will ensure that a bettor’s losses will remain low. Wagering only the minimum amount allowed by the betting site is one way to minimize losses, but doubling it isn’t a bad idea since it will enable bettors to earn more from their successful bets.

Target Certain Sports or Teams More Frequently

Even though virtual games have a high degree of randomness built in them, the favorites are still weighted, and they have a significant chance of winning or ending a match in a draw. Times will come when even the favorites lose games, but making risky bet more frequently instead of playing safe will end badly for a bettor.

Betting only on short odds will not guarantee constant winnings, but it will reduce a bettor’s chances of losing. Backing the favorites won’t guarantee significant profit per successful bet, but at least the bettor won’t suffer significant losses from risky bets.

However, a team that has won continuously is most likely to lose in the next match, so taking chances with the other side from time to time can lead to higher profit. Bettors can get lucky with the occasional long odds bet when the team they’re backing suddenly wins.

Don’t Chase Losses

Losing is the norm when sports betting in Kenya, so it shouldn’t come as a surprise when people lose their bets. No matter how much a bettor may have lost, they shouldn’t try to regain their losses by betting more since it’s a sure way to increase their losses.

Chasing losses is essentially making more bets while increasing the amount of the bet. Some bettors double or triple their wagers to get their money back, only to lose more money.

Sports bettors must learn when to take a break from betting for the day, or else they’ll only continue losing money.

Avoid Constant Multibets

Placing a multibet once a day along with several standard bets while following the tips mentioned above can lead to significant winnings should the bettor get lucky with the multibet. Placing a three- or four-leg multibet can give people a chance to win since their chances of correctly predicting the games’ outcomes are higher when betting on fewer games.

Placing plenty of multibets with many games will keep people from winning since they can’t accurately predict the outcome of multiple matches of a game that ends randomly. Sports bettors should only place occasional multibets with limited legs to give them a chance to win big while reducing their chances of losing low.


The best virtual betting strategy is for people to reduce their chances of losing as much as possible while trying to win some bets. Because virtual games end randomly, punters should treat virtual betting more like slot machines.

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