How to use free bets to enhance profits

If you love sports betting in Kenya, you probably know by now that almost every bet that you met requires a wager. If you are new in online sports betting, you should only bet with low wages to avoid losing huge amounts of money. Most sportsbooks try to give bonuses to people who newly registered and as a bettor, you should take this opportunity.

Most matched betting offers involve free bets, so it’s important that you understand them and know how to maximize your profits. However, there are many people out there who will use them without thinking and this is not the approach to take. Instead, you should be using these as part of your betting strategy.

Every person wants to turn their free bet into profit and here are some tips how.

What is a free bet?

Free bets are bets that you do not have to pay for. They are safe spots because you would not lose any money if you made the wrong bet. Most of the times, bookmakers place free bets so they can attract more customers to pay with wages in the long run just like food companies offering free taste of their food products.

How do you get free bets?

If you worry about free bets, you should not because they are not short in supply as bookmakers constantly compete with each other to get the most customers. You’ll find plenty of free bet sign up offers and sometimes, even bookmakers give free bets to people who are loyal customers of a sportsbook.

You should also check the terms and conditions for the necessary requirements in applying free bets. Your free bet may need to be placed on a specific sport, event or market or it may need to be placed at minimum or maximum odds. Free bets also have expiry periods so you should use them before they expire.

Free bet offers for specific sports

When a free bet becomes specific, like this, or based on a specific type of bet, they will often increase in value, as a bookmaker is using them to target a certain group of people. If you are someone who watches and bets on the Premier League games that take place, look for free bets based around football, or maybe even around that league in particular.

Where should you place free bets?

As with all matched bets, the back and lay odds should be as close as possible. Simply put, the closer the odds, the more cash you’ll be able to make from your free bet. You could place bets on odds that is most likely to win. However, there are people who like seldomly put free bets on odds that have high risks but higher rewards.

Where can you start betting?

Converting free bets is easy and there is nothing to lose but the free bet itself if you did not win. You should not be afraid of placing bets on odds with high chances of winning. If you want to start betting today, you can go to our website at

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