Kenya Sports Betting Tips: Basics on Virtual Betting (Infographic)

Many games worldwide were canceled from March 2020 onwards thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic, leaving sports bettors without any games to wager on. Thanks to the coronavirus, sports betting in Kenya effectively ground to a halt as the bettors nearly ran out of games to bet on. The sports betting industry was effectively crippled since the betting options have become far too limited for punters. Sports betting in Kenya

Virtual betting in Kenya is popular during off-seasons when there aren’t any live games to bet on. The coronavirus pandemic kept people from betting on live games, and virtual games became the next thing to bet on for many sports bettors.

Virtual Betting

What are Virtual Sports?

Virtual sports are essentially fantasy sports since they are inspired by real sporting events happening around the world. Virtual games are more similar to casino games than live sports since they’re electronic games that depend on software to generate the match results.

The outcome of a virtual game depends on a Random Number Generator, which determines which team will win and how the scores will end. Because the game’s result is random, punters don’t have to worry about any instances of cheating.

Virtual sports can be considered as a separate gaming category since it has a unique complex environment. Comparing real-life sports can help people have a better understanding of virtual football and other virtual sports events since the virtual games still follow the basic rules of the sport they’re simulating.

The difference of Virtual Betting from Live Betting

Betting on real-life sports in Kenya takes time since the punters must research to increase their chances of winning and wait for the game to end before knowing whether or not they won. Because bettors can place bets online a few days or hours in advance and the match takes about 90 minutes to finish, the punters have more limited options.

Live betting in Kenya gives the punters an edge since they can wager when one team is nearly guaranteed to win or when the odds are in their favor. The odds of 1.71 for Team A, 3.14 for a draw, and 4.59 for Team B can change in live betting, and the bettor can either make more money or increase the chances of winning through it compared to the standard bet. One can bet on Team A when the odds rise a bit and have a chance of earning more money should Team A win. Live betting, however, takes a significant amount of time and requires the bettor’s attention to produce favorable results.

Virtual betting doesn’t need a bettor’s full attention on the match since the match’s outcome is random and only lasts about two to three minutes. Sports bettors can go ahead and bet on another game in just a few minutes after the first one is done. Should punters get lucky and win three bets in a row, they can bet on more until they lose.

Basic Strategy on Virtual Betting

People who’ll engage in virtual betting in Kenya should keep in mind that the games’ results are generated randomly, so the bettors must adjust accordingly. Staking high is risky in virtual sports betting since a bet placed on a favorite team can end badly when the team suddenly loses. It’s advisable to bet small amounts to keep the losses low. It’s tough to determine which side will win, so people shouldn’t be reckless in virtual sports.

Sports bettors should also follow other basic betting strategies that aren’t only applicable to virtual sports. No bettor should chase their losses since they’ll lose more than what they already lost, especially when the outcome is entirely random.

Punters can opt to back those with shorter odds since they have a higher chance of winning than the other team. The favorites should be able to win more than the away team, and continuously backing them can generate more returns. Betting on such teams with small bets can also keep a bettor’s losses low.

Betting in Kenya is still possible thanks to the availability of virtual sports events. Many Kenyans already have experience in virtual sports thanks to off-season periods when there’re too few games to bet on, but others might only give it a try right now thanks to the COVID-19.

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