Kenya Sports Betting Tips: How Multibets Help Bettors Win Big (Infographic)

Sports betting in Kenya has become more accessible thanks to the technological boom in the country, and this led to an increase in the nation’s betting craze. As more and more Kenyans are betting on sports, they must know how they can increase their chances of winning. If possible, then they might even have a chance of becoming one of the biggest bet winners in Kenya.

Sports betting Kenya has its risks, and wanting to win big will significantly increase such risks. One way to win big is by utilizing the multibet, which is one sure way to win big without staking high.

Many sports bettors love placing multibets since they can stack up the odds and increase their possible winnings. One bettor has staked as low as 30 pence on a multibet that resulted in winning 500,000 pounds. A Kenyan sports bettor also managed to win Sh2.5 million after betting only Sh33.

Multibets increase the chances of losing as the odds stack up, and because every single prediction must be guessed correctly to win a multibet, it becomes more challenging to win. One missed prediction means losing the entire bet. To make full use of multibets, bettors must know how to use them to lessen their chances of losing.

Kenya Sports Betting Tips How Multibets Help Bettors Win Big

Don’t Bet on Too Many Games per Multibet

Placing too many bets in a single multibet is incredibly risky and should be avoided by beginners who’re aiming to win big instantly. It’s better to place a bet on a small number of games in a multibet to keep the chances of losing low and encourage the bettor to continue using multibets. Some bettors argue that it’s better to place multiple single bets to spread the risks than to take their chances in one multibet consisting of numerous legs.

Betting on 3-leg or 4-leg multibets can be a good alternative for beginners since they can learn from betting on them with minimal losses, while also having the chance to win a bet that’s slightly higher in value than those of single bets.

Stake low

Multibets are extremely risky since one’s chances of success drop when stacking up too many bets. A bettor might have gotten lucky on the seven games of his 8-leg multibet only to find out that his last prediction was off. Just one wrong prediction will lead to a total loss on the stake, which is why it’s advisable not to get greedy and stake low.

Many sports bettors agree that multibets isn’t the safest way to make a profit out of sports betting, but there’s no denying that many big-time winners in sports betting that couldn’t stake high won from multibets.

Pick Simple Betting Markets

Sports bettors who want to play it safe must use simple betting markets to keep their chances of losing low. People can also play it a bit safer in a multibet by using simple betting markets that further limit their chances of losing.

Among the most suitable betting markets people can use for multibets is the draw no bet, double chance, over/under, and goal goal. The draw no bet market limits the bettor’s choices to either a home win or an away win and making the bet void if the game ends in a draw, while the double chance market lets people predict two outcomes. The over/under and goal goal market isn’t reliant on a particular winning but the goals made in the game.

Research on the Games You’ll Bet On

No matter the odds or the betting markets one will use, it’s still important to come equipped with the necessary knowledge before placing a bet. Successful sports bettors do not rely on luck, but on extensive research on the participating teams, the games, the bookmakers offering different odds, and others that can guarantee that they will be able to increase their chances of winning.

Many Kenyans invest their time researching where they’ll place their next bet, and it is this attitude that bettors everywhere must have to make sure that they will be able to win. If the bettor doesn’t know anything about a particular team or game, then it’s best not to include it in the multibet.

Sports betting in Kenya is risky, but it doesn’t mean that bettors will not be able to make a profit in it. People will only need to come prepared when placing a bet to ensure that they will be able to maximize their winnings.

Some Kenyans like Mark Welanunu might have won KSh 1,261,790.64 on a 30-leg multi bet, possibly through luck, but those who want to continue turning up a profit and winning big in sports betting will have to do more.

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