Kenya Sports Betting Tips: How to Win a Goal Goal Betting Market (Infographic)

Sports bettors must know the best betting market to make a profit from if they want to have a chance to win against the bookmakers. There are many betting markets available for punters, and among the most popular ones is the Goal Goal market, which is exclusive to football.

Many bettors, from the beginners to the seasoned ones, find the Goal Goal or the Both Teams To Score market to be profitable, making it popular in the betting world. Betting in Kenya will likely require the local bettors to check out the GG market for higher chances of winning.

The Goal Goal market is a market that gives a punter a higher chance of winning since it doesn’t focus on whether or not a team will win. The GG market may seem to be easier to win in since both sides should either be able to make one score each at least or not for a bettor to win, but they must still know how they win a bet.

Look for High Scoring Teams

The good thing about the Goal Goal market is that bettors can use research and statistics to give themselves a higher chance of winning. Punters can set up a combined threshold of both football teams’ strike rates to determine if a particular match is an excellent betting opportunity or not.

Sports bettors can decide that a strike rate threshold exceeding 100% will likely end in a match with both teams being able to score at least once. If both the home team and away team have a strike rate that can exceed 100%, at least, then punters can bet on a “yes” on the Both Teams To Score market.

If statistics and percentages are too much for a bettor, then they should check on the teams’ average scores Two teams that can average at least one goal per game will warrant a “yes” on both teams being able to score.

Look for Two Teams with Poor Defense

High scoring teams are indeed great choices for the GG market, but if two teams can score high and defend at the same time, then the chances of a team conceding a goal will be slim. It’s common for football games to end with no goals being made in the ordinary time, and because goals in extra time are not counted, a game needs to end with scores, even a draw, during the 90 minutes of ordinary time.

It’s also difficult to correctly predict that no goals will be made during the ordinary time, which means that it’s better to bet that a game will end in both teams making a score. Sports bettors should focus on looking for matches where two teams that frequently concede goals are participating.

Pick Games with Fairly Equally-Matched Teams

Two average teams that compete against one another will likely have a match that will end in either a draw or with two teams scoring at least one goal each. A Goal Goal bet becomes risky when two teams with widely different skillsets are pitted against each other.

It’s inadvisable to use the Goal Goal market when a top football club is involved in a match since they won’t likely let the other team score a goal.

Avoid Big-Time Football Clubs

The goal goal market is perfect for games where it’s difficult to determine who’ll win a match since the market doesn’t rely on predicting who will be the victor and who will be the loser. As long as both teams can score, the bettor will win, but the top football clubs won’t likely be conceding a lot of goals, which makes it impractical to bet on them.

It’s better to stick on two average football clubs competing against one another than on two big teams, especially those participating in the Premier League, for a goal goal bet.

Bet on Matches with Great Starting Strikers (and Bad Defenders)

Being able to check on who will participate as starting players is an advantage seen in live betting since sports bettors can place a bet while watching the game. Sports bettors in Kenya are known to research games before placing bets, which also lets punters predict which players will start in a match.

A team that has great starting strikers will likely be able to score in a match, but teams that don’t will have a lesser chance of making a goal. Football clubs that don’t have their top defenders are also great selections for a both teams to score bet.

Football clubs with poor defenders and good attackers in their starting lineup are excellent for the Goal Goal betting market.

Knowing how to win the Goal Goal market will allow bettors to make a profit from betting, mainly when used in a multibet.

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