Kenya Sports Betting Tips: Research on Returning Games [Infographics]

The English Premier League is among the most popular football leagues that Kenyans frequently bet on, so it’s essential to research on the league to bet successfully. Other sports leagues are also finally returning, giving punters more betting options. Besides football, basketball and other sports will also return.

Sports betting Kenya is only successful when the bettors research first before wagering anything.


Besides the popular English Premier League, the UEFA Champions and Europa League will also be returning and are planning to finish the season by August. The other returning European football leagues include England’s FA Cup, Germany’s Bundesliga and DFB-Pokal, Italy’s Serie A and Coppa Italia, and Spain’s La Liga.

Some leagues are still postponed indefinitely, and among them are France’s Coupe de France final and Coupe de la Ligue final, as well as Spain’s Copa del Rey final. However, other notable leagues have canceled the season entirely and have already decided on the champions like France’s Ligue 1, where Paris Saint-Germain won.

Sports bettors need to research on how the teams of the returning leagues spent their downtime during the lockdown. The players themselves might have suffered injuries in the past, but the lockdown and the games’ postponement allowed players, injured or not, to rest and recover. The returning players will all be fresh and well-rested, and any punters who’ll bet on the goalscorer will have to consider how the individuals prepared themselves for the leagues’ resumption.

Previous strategies based on a team’s recent losses, injuries sustained, and the winning teams’ momentum will likely change. Because the games are to resume behind closed doors and others still in neutral areas, football teams may not be able to make use of their fans’ support to boost morale since they won’t have an audience to cheer for them.

Up to six Premier League games will take place in neutral venues, effectively negating any home-court advantages. Among the games are the following


The NBA season is seen to resume by July 31 at Walt Disney World in Orlando. Most Basketball-loving Kenyans will likely bet on NBA games as soon as they return. Basketball players will be checked for the coronavirus, and anyone who will be tested positive will have to be in quarantine for seven days.

Most players agreed that it’d be weird to play when there aren’t any fans watching in the arenas, but they can remain competitive thanks to the amount of excitement for the games’ return. The hype can keep the NBA season competitive enough to ensure that the games are eventful.

Bettors might find that their betting strategies aren’t working well as the plays possibly become sloppy. Reopening training facilities is not enough to guarantee that the players will resume the season in peak condition, especially since not all basketball players had access to a hoop for them to practice shooting. The players themselves have also been unable to work out with their teammates, so there’s a chance that they have problems with their teamwork.

Sports bettors can check how the players kept themselves fit during the duration of the lockdown, but it can still be insufficient to determine the results of a match accurately. There’s also no home-court advantage present during the remainder of the current season. Punters might have to see how some of the games will first end up before being able to formulate an effective strategy.


The number of returning live sports in the first few months after the lockdown is still not numerous enough for bettors to fully enjoy live sports betting. Some Kenyans might even be inclined to bet virtually and continue virtual betting in Kenya.

Although losing is normal in sports betting, Kenyans must do all they can to ensure that their chances of losing are low. Bettors can only formulate excellent betting strategies if they know how the game works and the skills of the players. ChezaCash is one of the best betting tips sites in Kenya that can help Kenyans stay informed and have an edge in betting.

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