Kenya Sports Betting Tips: Researching on Premier League During Postponement

The sports betting industry in Kenya and the rest of the world suffered a significant blow due to the novel coronavirus pandemic as different sports events across the globe were postponed to reduce the chances of infection. There are virtually no more games to bet on, but the online betting sites remain in business.

Many punters loved to bet on Premier League games before the COVID-19 outbreak led to the League’s postponement. Football fans and bettors alike will likely want to get back on the League after the delay, and they must be prepared to predict the outcome of a match accurately. Even if the current season ends anytime soon.

Sports bettors can think of this as research for the next season, and there will likely be significant changes in the football clubs participating. Should the Premier League resume in mid-June behind closed doors, there will undoubtedly be differences that can influence the outcome of a match. It’s essential to check on the players who’ll be playing in the Premier League.

Changes in Players

The COVID-19 pandemic has negatively affected the football world by forcing the suspension of many games worldwide. The Premier League’s postponement caused the participating football clubs to have problems with some of their players as their contracts expire around June or July before the season can be completed.

Should the football club lose some of their players, then they’ll have to introduce new ones in their ranks that could lead to changes in their strategy. Chelsea is slated to lose three of its most experienced attackers, Willian, Pedro, and Olivier Giroud, in late June. Unless they can be retained, Chelsea will have a hard time maintaining its position among the top four football clubs in the League.

Ranked eighth Tottenham, ranked seventeenth Watford, and ranked eighteenth Bournemouth also have players that will soon be out of contract.

Should the season end with no games behind doors, then bettors can check on the new players that will be joining the football clubs. Chelsea might potentially lose some of their players, but it might also introduce a promising new player in its Premier League ranks. Faustino Anjorin is a goal-scoring midfielder that reportedly modeled his game after the club’s coach and former top player Frank Lampard.

Arsenal, Everton, Leicester City, Southampton, Liverpool, Tottenham Hotspur, Manchester City, West Ham, and Manchester United are other football clubs in the Premier League that will likely have promising new players among their ranks. Looking into them will be beneficial for a seasoned sports bettor.

Refreshed Players

The Premier League isn’t a simple sports game as top teams with many different veteran players compete for qualification to either the Champions League or Europa League and to keep themselves from being relegated. Each football club suffered when their experienced players received injuries as they competed against one another.

The coronavirus outbreak gave the injured players a moment to rest and recuperate from their wounds. Should the League restart, then all the teams will get their strength back up, members-wise, and they can once again compete with no worries regarding their injuries.

Liverpool’s players sustained light injuries before the Premier League was postponed. Still, Alisson Becker, its first-choice goalkeeper, was expected to miss out on the Merseyside Derby, the club’s match against Everton. The rest of the football clubs also had several injured players in their ranks, and their recovery will mean that they can get back on their game as fresh as they were when they began the season.

Chelsea might lose several of its players when their contracts expire in June. Still, it can refresh its ranks as six of its key players recover, including Callum Hudson-Odoi, who tested positive but had already recovered from coronavirus.

Arsenal can have the edge over the other clubs since it was the first to return to training this April 27 to ensure that they can get their players back on track. Arsenal planned to open their training grounds earlier since many of their players were in lockdown longer than the other clubs.

Besides the official opening of training grounds, football players can also stay fit by exercising in their homes or private gyms. Players can improvise and find ways for them to train by themselves while they’re locked in their homes.


Strategizing how to place bets in either the Premier League’s resumption or the next season will require some adjustments since most clubs will start fresh, and some will even have new players. The old patterns that bettors might have had in predicting the various outcomes of the League’s matches will have to be rechecked since all the top players are ready once more for a game.

Should the League end with no promotions or relegations occurring, then bettors won’t likely have to adjust their betting strategies too much, with the possible exception of Manchester City. Man City was banned from participating for two years in all of UEFA’s club competitions after allegedly violating UEFA Financial Fair Play Regulations, and there were also speculations that they may be relegated after the current season.

Kenyan sports bettors can first try live betting in Kenya to have a grasp of the clubs’ current skills the moment they get back on the game. The changes in the clubs’ players can influence the rankings after the resumption and that of the next season. The fact that there’s a chance that the clubs will be competing with no audience can also affect the players’ morale.

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