Kenya Sports Betting Tips: What to Do After Winning a Jackpot (Infographic)

Several Kenyan sports bettors have already won big through jackpots in Kenya, and there’s a chance that more punters can also reap significant winnings. Gordon Paul Ogada is one of the top bet winners in the country after he won Ksh 230 Million in a jackpot, and any other sports bettor who’ll win big must know what to do after winning.

Expert sports bettors researches and makes careful analyses first before taking on a risky bet. Ogada owes his winnings to online sports betting and the fact that he made betting a hobby, enough to be able to place a bet confidently. Sports bettors have a higher chance of winning big when they don’t leave anything to chance.

It doesn’t matter if a punter won through sheer luck or careful planning, they should know what to do after they win a jackpot, especially since most Kenyan jackpot winners come from poor backgrounds. Many punters can get tempted to treat themselves and spend their winning on many luxuries or to bet it all in a bid to win more.

Don’t Change Your Lifestyle Suddenly

It’s not every day that the average Kenyan wins a jackpot amounting in the millions, and those who’ll win will likely be tempted to celebrate by buying countless luxuries. Some might even be convinced that they no longer need to work since they managed to win a lot.

Some jackpot winners might opt to quit their jobs after raking in millions. Gordon Ogada didn’t leave his career after winning and continued to work as a community health worker at Kemri CDC.

Bettors should prioritize paying their debts with their winnings and then to budget the rest before spending them on luxuries. Ksh 221 million winner Samuel Abisai took a low profile after winning his jackpot to let the blessings sink in since he hasn’t fully realized that he’s now rich.

Abisai went out for a vacation and planned how to spend his winnings before making big decisions. When he did make a big decision, it was moving to Europe and setting up a fashion house in the Netherlands.

Use the Money Wisely

Winning a jackpot means potentially winning hundreds of millions of Kenyan Shillings, and people will naturally be tempted to either indulge themselves on different luxuries or to continue betting. There’s nothing wrong with jackpot winners treating themselves once in a while, but they shouldn’t be wasteful with their expenses.

People should continue living within a budget even after having millions to keep themselves from unintentionally exhausting their winnings. Setting up an emergency fund is also a wise decision since even millionaires can face financial difficulties.

People can continue placing bets even after they won a jackpot, but they should do so responsibly. The biggest sports betting losses in history are due to irresponsible bettors who place high stakes in a bid to win big. One British roofing contractor, Steve Richards, managed to win £38,970 from his £10 stake in a multibet only to lose a significant portion of it a week later after staking his £30,000 on another bet.

Don’t Quit Betting

Losing might be the norm in sports betting, but it doesn’t mean that those who became a big-time bet winner in Kenya should stop betting altogether. Those who don’t want to risk their winnings can take a break for a while, but they should not quit if they still want to have a chance of winning big.

Samuel Abisai has decided to stop betting on sports altogether, but the current biggest sports betting winner in Kenya, Gordon Paul Ogada, has other things in mind. Ogada won 230 million and has continued betting after. He even managed to win Ksh 200,000 in another bet he made after winning.

There will always be a chance to win a jackpot as long as sports bettors don’t quit after winning, as long as they bet responsibly. Setting aside a budget for betting from the winnings is an effective way to ensure that the bettor will not suffer substantial financial losses while betting.

It’s advisable to place around three bets as a minimum, with one of them being a multibet to have a chance of winning.

Bettors can only have a chance of winning jackpots in Kenya if they don’t quit and if they bet wisely. Punters should look for an online bookmaker that offers free sports bets with no deposit required in Kenya to minimize their losses and to have a more enjoyable time in betting.

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