Reasons Why Live, In-Game Betting is Popular

Historically, sports bets were only made before the game started. After the action had begun, all book a bets were locked, and that was it. The following betting would happen in the next round. However, this changed later when sportsbook developed a system that would allow bettors to make additional wagers in the middle of the game. This is known as live betting or in-game betting.

Live betting, especially in Kenya is making bets while the game is unfolding. These wagers can be offered at different points during the match with many things to bet on. Currently, many well-known sportsbooks allow their players to place live bets. Some would even provide live streaming services to watch the game on the same platform where you bet to make changing and adding bets easier for you.

In-game betting became among the most popular betting options that any sports bettor should not miss out on. If you have yet to participate in live betting.

If you are yet to participate in live betting, here are some benefits of live betting that led to its popularity that might convince you to give it a try.


Most sports bettors are in it to make serious cash. They would even invest hours in research to create complicated strategies with sophisticated statistical models that the average person can’t even begin to comprehend. In contrast, casual sports bettors might be interested in making money but don’t take it just as seriously.

For bettors in this category, betting on games and letting them play out is a means to take their entertainment to the next level. If you’re into sports betting Kenya for fun, live betting is just what you need since you’ll be betting right along with the action.

Bettors can almost feel as if they are playing a part in the game by betting live. It’s fun and interactive, and the flow is easy to comprehend for players. You can exercise your knowledge of the game and enjoy the game while making a profit.

Get Better Odds

Research is a considerable aspect of sports betting, especially in pre-match bets. Since odds on bets are supposed to be accurate to the final results, sportsbooks spend many resources to set the perfect odds on a live game. They hire professionals or set up computer systems. They want to prevent incorrect lines from causing a loss in cases where bettors jump on it before adjusting it.

This becomes relatively easy for the sportsbook when they have weeks and days to prepare and research their lines ahead of time. However, live or in-game betting takes away this advantage as sportsbooks must make real-time changes to the odds and predictions.

No sport is without its twists and turns throughout the game. Sportsbooks won’t have time to second guess in a fast-paced setting as they have to keep up with the game. This opens up a lot of room for error.

Sportsbook set in-game odds in two ways. The first is hiring a team of experts to form lines. The other is through complex computer systems that use all available data to spit out new lines and odds in real-time. Both of which has their flaws that are especially apparent in a time crunch.

Even the best people in the business are bound to make mistakes. Meanwhile, computers can only analyze quantitative data. Anything that involves non-numerical data like team morale and signs of injuries is not something computers can catch.

The human and technological errors mean that it is much more likely that you will find a weak line put out that you can jump on.

First-Hand-Feel of a Match

It is all well and good to do prior research and watch betting trends before making a betting decision. But as mentioned earlier, a game can immediately take a turn. It is essential to look beyond the numbers and scoreboards to stay ahead.

Live sports betting provides bettors with more opportunities to win because they feel the actual match while staking a bet. Watching the game live will give you more timely knowledge about the sporting event than they do with pre-set betting. Stay ahead of the other bettors who aren’t tuned in or susceptible to making uninformed decisions.

However, seeing teams compete against each other doesn’t mean you will accurately predict the outcome automatically. Sportsbooks wouldn’t even think of offering live betting if it was that easy. Live betting gives you more and better information to make it easier to make informed decisions and act accordingly.

Significant Value

If there is a word that you will encounter a lot while sports betting, it’s value. Value can either be positive or negative. A wager has a positive value when the likelihood of it winning is greater than the odds suggests. As the name suggests, a negative value would be the opposite. This is when the wager has lesser chances of winning than the odds suggest.

The idea of making favourable value bets is to risk less money than you stand to gain. This often means looking for odds on favourites as they are more likely to win. However, this doesn’t mean that these odds always offer value. For successful long-term betting, they have an accurate understanding of the outcome’s probability.

If you pay attention to the game and tune in, live betting is a great value. However, there is great emphasis on being attentive to these games.
Bettors who either haven’t watched the game closely or watched them at all may be more likely to bet on the winning team of an ongoing match. They overestimate the impact of early games and falls prey to recency bias. The flip side is that those there to see the game realize that the score can sometimes be misleading.

Hedge Your Bets

As things don’t always go the way according to plan, it’s always good to have a chance to prevent a loss. Hedging your bet generally refers to placing a bet against your initial wager on a specific event. This isn’t a strategy that you should use all the time. However, it can be used to limit losses, breakeven, or even guarantee profits on all results of an event.

The probability of outcomes changes with the real-time progress in the fast-changing nature of sports betting. Suppose the odds of your initial bet winning become significantly better. In that case, placing a bet on the opposite side during an event will guarantee profits.

Placing an in-game hedge bet is common when players get hurt in the middle of the game. Depending on its timing, the injury could greatly affect the game’s outcome, especially if the star players were injured. It’s even enough to lose bettors confidence in their initial bet. In that case, you might want to at least mitigate your loss by placing another bet on the opposite result.

That way, it wouldn’t be a total loss than it would have been if it was a pre-set betting.

Live betting is an enjoyable style of betting that was made possible thanks to several incredible technological advancements. It’s the perfect game for sharp bettors who enjoy analyzing games and feel the momentum.

However, the fast-paced action associated with live betting may not be everyone’s cup of tea. Some prefer a more casual approach to their bets or reflect to help form their opinions for a long time, which is also a good and acceptable style.

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