Most Challenging Betting Market to Win In

There are many betting markets for sports bettors to choose from, and one can say that some are easier to win in than others. There are simple betting markets, and there are complicated ones, and not knowing which market is the simple one can be financially damaging to a sports bettor.

The 1 x 2is a straightforward market that many sports bettors frequent, and other simpler ones can give sports bettors an easier time. However, some can provide a challenge and might be better avoided by casual bettors.

First and Last Goalscorer

The goalscorer market can either be a bit easy or challenging to place a bet on since there are a lot of players involved in a game. The market’s difficulty is arguably reduced thanks to the fact that any bets made for a player who didn’t end up playing in the match are considered void. The anytime goalscorer market is the one that can be considered to be the simpler one since as long as the player manages to score, the bet is won.

There are two goalscorer markets that one can say are among the most difficult ones since the bet is considered lost if anyone else manages to score. The two challenging goalscorer markets are the first and last goalscorer ones, and the odds in both are higher than the ones in the anytime market.

Correct Score

The Over/Under market is one of the easier betting markets there are since the sports bettor only needs to predict whether the game will end above or below a particular scoreline. When the outcome of a match seems challenging to predict since both teams are on par with one another, the Over/Under can make things easier for the sports bettor. Anticipating that the game will end above the average football scoreline of 2.5 has a higher chance of being a successful bet than going for the correct score market.

The correct score market usually has 30 different options to choose from, and the odds can vary widely. Even if sports bettors know which team will win, they’ll still have a hard time determining the exact score that the game will end in. One might bet that the favorite will score three times and the other team none only to see that the favorite managed to make one more goal or that the underdog manages to keep the favorite from getting past two goals.

Sports bettors can also try the 1st Half and the 2nd Half Correct Score markets since their selections are more limited.

Mixed Markets

Several betting markets are easier to win in than the others, but the resulting odds in these are rather low and can only be maximized through multibets. One might think that merging the two simple markets can increase the odds while still being relatively easy to win in, but they’re only right on the part with the odds.

Predicting the outcome of the game gets trickier when two markets are mixed into one. Some examples of the mixed betting markets include the Double Chance and Both Teams To Score, 1 X 2 and Both Teams to Score, Double Chance and Totals or Over/Under, and others.


The multiscore market is arguably an attempt to make the Correct Score market easier to bet on by grouping together several scores, and if the game ends in one of the scores in the group where the placed a bet on, it’s a win. The odds aren’t as high as that of the Correct Score, but they’re still a bit difficult.

When the game ends in a score that’s not listed, they’re considered as part of the “other” result. Sports bettors can place a bet on a favorite and win as long as the score isn’t among the listed groups. The home team might win with a score of 7-2, and because the score isn’t listed, only the bettor who placed a bet on the “other home win” will win the bet.

It’s still challenging to determine the exact score that the game will end with, which makes this market a risky one.

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