Most Loved and Profitable Betting Markets (Infographic)

Football has a large number of lucrative betting markets available for bettors thanks to a large number of matches held daily that also have numerous markets per match. The most popular tend to be the 1 X 2 market where people can simply bet on the match’s result, but there are other more popular markets that, when exploited, can turn up a relatively large profit for bettors.

One will have to win a bet to fully exploit it, however, especially when planning to bet in a multi-bet. The accumulator can turn up a significant profit when done right, but it is risky. Read on to know the most loved and profitable markets, accumulator or not.

1 X 2

The 1 X 2 market is, as stated above, the most popular betting market there is thanks to its simplicity. A match would have to end in a home win, away win, or a draw on the first 90 minutes of the game to determine whether the bettor wins or not. If a bettor bets on a draw and wins, then they can enjoy the rest of the game as both teams continue to attempt to win.

The 1 X 2 is simple enough to give bettors an easier time predicting the outcome of the game and giving them a higher chance of winning.

Other markets tend to be more complicated, making it difficult to predict how a match would end.

Draw no bet

Betting is risky, even if it’s a 1 X 2 bet and people that placed their bets on one team winning can find it troubling when the match ends in a draw. In a draw no bet, a bet becomes void when neither team wins. Draw no bet decreases the chances of losing money, which makes it an attractive market for careful bettors and beginners.

Over/Under 2.5

Another common bet market is the over/under market as long as bettors place their bets over or under 2.5 since it is the average score a match typically ends in. Since no game can end with a score of 2.5, a bettor will have to hope that either two points at most or three points at least are made in a match.

Long-term statistics play a significant role in a bettor’s strategy when betting since one would have to analyze thoroughly whether the game would end either over or under the 2.5 scoreline.

The odds in this market tend to depend on the teams playing in the game, resulting in varied odds. Even so, bettors can take advantage of this market even if they have no idea who will win the match as long as they have a good grasp on how the game would end.

Double Chance

Double chance offers more security to a bettor by letting them choose two outcomes of a match. Bettors can bet that the game would end in a home win or an away win, in a home win or a draw, or a draw or an away win. The odds tend to be lower here because of the added security.

Using this market in a multi-bet market would let you have a more substantial profit, however.

Goal Goal (GG)

The goal goal market is handy for matches with two equally matched teams competing in it. Over/under may be a safe betting market already but one problem with it is when both teams manage a score each then one manages to make another, and you placed your bet on an under 2.5 score. The same could happen when you bet over 2.5, and the match ends in a draw with both teams making a goal each.

The goal goal market is a safe betting market where both teams will only have to make at least one score each to end in a victory in the bettor’s favor. Even if one team ends up winning with a considerable advantage, as long as both teams scored, then the bettor wins.


When any of these markets are used in a multi-bet bet correctly, then the bettor would reap a significant profit. The odds per match and per market multiply in a multi-bet market. When the other markets are used strategically and adequately, then a bettor can exploit the famous markets to turn up a large profit, even if they had significantly low odds alone.

The multi-bet market is really risky, however, since one lost bet would equate to losing the entire bet.

Even without using the multi-bet market, one can bet safely with the markets mentioned above as long as a bettor has sufficient knowledge on the sport, the specific match, and the teams participating in one.

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