Pros and Cons of Betting in Kenya (Infographic)

Kenya has become a hotbed for betting thanks, in part, due to its classification as a legitimate recreational activity in the nation. While gambling, in general, has been present for quite some time now, the recent rise in sports betting is thanks to the increased usage of mobile phones and the internet.

Africa has a lot of gamblers, and Kenya is the leading nation in Africa with both the young and old making their own bets. Many people may have their reservations with gambling, but it is still essential that people know the pros and cons of betting Kenya to make a better judgment regarding gambling.

pros and cons of betting


Various betting companies in Africa arose and became prosperous due to the prevalence of sports betting, one that even involves both the young and old.  Around 60 million people aged between 18 and 40 years in Nigeria are actively engaged in sports betting, and several across the entire continent have become instant millionaires thanks to sports betting Kenya.

Gambling has its benefits, which is also why a lot of people enjoy betting, especially when it comes to sports.

Possibility to Win Much Money

What appeals the most to people in gambling is the fact that they have a chance to win a lot of money without having to work years for it. People can hit the casinos and try to have a go at the slot machines and win a jackpot as long as Lady Luck is on their side. Some games don’t need luck and require skill to win, which makes things more enjoyable for them.

Sports betting doesn’t rely wholly on luck as it requires knowledge on the teams playing to know whether or not you should bet on them.

Entertainment and Fun

Some people take gambling as a simple hobby where they can have some fun and entertainment once in a while. They may win some or lose some and because they’re not thinking much about their money, whatever they may lose is insignificant compared to their experience.

Sports betting takes both entertainment and fun to a different level as the enjoyment doesn’t end with winning a wager, but watching how a game progresses and cheering on with your money at stake. One can feel a rush unique to betting on sports thanks to being able to watch a game and have the risk of having financial implications with the wager.

The thrilling uncertainty of possibly gaining or losing money makes one game have greater importance to an individual thanks to the wager.

The Abundance of Gambling Types

Gambling isn’t for everyone, and one type of game may be suitable for one gambler and not for another one. Gamblers can choose from either online or land-based casinos to gamble and play slot machines, poker, roulette, or whatever game is available.

Sports betting is one more type of gambling that gamblers can enjoy since they’ll need to strategize and research to know how they can win. Blindly placing a bet in sports won’t do a gambler good in the long run, especially if they’re trying to go for a win.

Those who rely on Lady Luck can opt for slot machines while strategists can go for sports betting.

Easy to Get Started

Anyone can get started with gambling, whether through a casino or a sports bet since it doesn’t require a specific set of unique skills or knowledge to gamble. A casino gives bettors an explanation of the basic rules of a game, letting them play without worrying about making mistakes due to ignorance on the game.

Casinos also offer some attractive bonuses to new players.


Gambling may be fun, but it has significant risks to a bettor. Kenya became known as a betting nation, and many Africans have become obsessed with gambling that not only did several become rich after betting on sports but some of those who lost committed suicide or went through a divorce.

Possibility to Lose Money

The downside of gambling that everyone can agree on is that people have a high chance of losing money. The odds are against the player in every casino, and winning there is mostly a matter of luck. Sports betting may not involve luck, but the chances of losing money are still ever-present.

The allure of instantly having money after winning a few games led multitudes bankrupt after losing too much and gaining too little.

People who recklessly bet on sports without knowing anything about the teams involved in the game are guaranteed to lose significant amounts of money.

Impossibility to Constantly Win

Despite the risk of not winning a bet and losing significant amounts of money, it is indeed possible to become a millionaire. The catch, however, is it is impossible to win continuously. No casino would want you to win non-stop.

In sports betting, your chances of winning depend on both your research and how the players play their game. Should the sportsmen lose their professionalism and ruin their play, this would mean a loss for a gambler.


Due to the thrill of betting on sports, people tend to continue gambling for a chance to get some easy money, to reclaim their losses, or to feel the sensation again.

Getting obsessed with gambling brings several potential problems to a bettor like going in debt after repeated losses and facing bankruptcy. Those who make gambling their primary source of income are in danger of getting addicted and obsessed.

Betting has its advantages and disadvantages, and the pros typically revolve around being a responsible bettor who doesn’t make gambling a primary source of income and the cons of being addicted to gambling. People lose and gain money every time and people can argue that life itself is a gamble, but there is still the matter of being responsible for one’s own life while enjoying it regularly.

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