3 Reasons That Fuel Betting Craze in Kenya (Infographic)

Many households in Kenya have made gambling a common practice in their lives thanks to the presence of more and more novel opportunities made available to the various players. Betting has become a lifestyle for Kenyans, and there are multiple reasons why betting has become the norm in the nation.

A large number of Kenyans have already engaged in gambling before, but it owes its prevalence to at least three things that fuel the betting craze in the nation. Read on to know more about these three things.

3 reasons that fuel betting craze in Kenya

The Charm of Instant Money

Everyone wants money and not needing to work long hours to earn tons of it is a tempting idea. Several Kenyans have even become millionaires through gambling.

Due to several reports of winning a lot through betting, more and more people are enticed to gamble and have a chance with Lady Luck. There are also a large number of jobless graduates who have a hard time finding a source of income both due to inflation and job cuts, leading to taking a chance with luck.

Should Kenyans fail, they’d rather fail silently in betting than having a business they start failing in public.

Gambling may have once been only for the rich who can afford to risk their money for a chance to win more, but the rise of makeshift casinos that allow people to bet in small amounts of money to earn a little more to sustain them.

Kenyan Society

Besides the fact that winning through betting doesn’t take much time to achieve compared to working, one more reason why Kenya has a lot of bettors is because of their current society. Large numbers of the youth are jobless since Kenya’s existing industry cannot accommodate its young population. No jobs mean no source of income that can let young adults sustain themselves.

The alternative to having a job while having a chance of earning a significant amount of money is by betting. Since not all bets rely on sheer luck, other gamblers can try sports betting where they’ll have to strategize and research on the teams participating in a game to ensure that they’ll have a higher chance of winning.

Kenya’s high unemployment rate opened up the possibility of making a living through gambling, especially since multiple makeshift casinos and small businesses around them sprung up to allow gamblers with notes to change them for coins they can use on slot machines.

Technological Boom in Kenya

Kenya’s unemployment rate and the allure of money may be the major contributors to the betting craze in Kenya, but what fuels the fire, even more, is the rise of online betting thanks to technology.

Kenya managed to establish a telecoms industry which led to various telecoms companies investing in the country and increasing the quality of their internet connectivity. Kenya is set apart from other African countries in terms of internet quality thanks to this investment, fueling the betting culture in Kenya more than on other African nations.

The boom in online sports betting started around 2012, some few years after the emergence of mobile technology. Bettors were not necessarily using their mobile devices at that time, but instead, they used to bet online in the betting houses as they had computers connected to the internet. With time, some began to switch to playing at internet cafes, which were mushrooming in the country while the few who could afford to buy a personal computer ended up betting on their PCs.

Before people started online sports betting through mobile phones, bettors frequented betting houses and internet cafes because they had computers connected to the internet. Those who could afford personal computers end up betting through them at home.

When Kenyans started moving to smartphones in 2015, many bettors began using them for online sports betting. Thanks to the flood of smartphones and continuous improvement of internet connectivity through the efforts of cross-border traders, retailers, and internet service providers competing against each other, about three out of five Kenyans now have access to a smartphone.

Kenyan mobile money service providers can also allow bettors who have no bank accounts but have mobile phones to bet.

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