Safest Betting Market for New Kenyan Sports Bettors

One of the most growing industries in Kenya today is sports betting. Around millions of people are participating in online gambling activities, and it has tremendously sound effects on the country’s economy. Today that we are suffering from a global pandemic, you might want to explore the venture of online sports betting for your entertainment.

As a starting bettor, you want to know the basics and culture of online sports betting. You may also study a particular sport and the players’ statistics so you can have a better chance of betting. And as a starting bettor, you would not want to be on a big scale gambling wager. However, how can you know the safest betting markets in Kenya?

Here is some information on the safest gambling markets in Kenya.

How popular is gambling in Kenya?

According to reports, the Kenyan online gambling market will reach the $50 million mark in the following years. One of the reasons why the industry has reached this milestone is because of the 30 firms and casinos that the Kenyan government licensed. A 2015 Business Daily report showed that after South Africa and Nigeria, the Kenyan government received the most taxes ($28.3 million) from its betting industry.

Large vs. small betting markets 

There are betting limits between markets and particular sports, and they vary widely. Sportsbook managers devote their time to markets that are heavily wagered where the boundaries are highest, not those with smaller betting limits. The limit of how much you can bet depends on the sport and how the sportsbook managers decide on how much to bet.

If you are a newbie in online sports betting, the safest and best market for you is the small betting markets. Sportsbook managers see a pattern on how new gamblers tend to bet on small scale markets, and this is what you should do too. The wagering limits are not an anomaly when it comes to most sportsbooks.

Betting markets in terms of profit 

Many people love to bet on the 1×2 market because of its simple odds and mechanics in terms of profitability. All you need to determine in a 1×2 betting market is the overall outcome of the game. Other markets tend to be more complicated, making it difficult to predict how a match would end.

Draw no bet market is also great for beginners as it is the same as 1×2 betting, but the only difference is that no person will receive all winnings if no one won the game. As a new sports bettor, this is the safest bet you can have because the odds are 1 out of 2. Draw no stake decreases the chances of losing money.

There are other betting markets that you should try like over/under 2.5, where a bettor will have to hope that either two points at least or three scores are made in a match. On the other hand, double chance offers more security to a bettor by letting them choose two outcomes of a game and the goal, goal, goal market where bettors bet for purposes.

What should new bettors look for? 

As a beginner, you want to start small and have bets where the odds are fair. Yes, high risk means high reward, but if you do not want to lose more, this is the best option. The safest betting markets offer these options and make everyone bet as much as they like.

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