Small sports bets that your friends can do at home [Infographics]

Most gamblers enjoy gambling on traditional casinos while others stay at home and play online. Some gamblers are fond of playing poker and slots, while others try to earn cash by betting in Kenya. There are times when you and your friends hang out, and you have nothing to do to kill your boredom.

One of the best things to do when you are with your friends is to bet. There are different bets that you can have with your friends, and as long as you are entertained, there is no harm in having a friendly competition. Betting with your friends is also an excellent way to establish a bond and connection with them.

Here are some betting games that you can enjoy with your friends at home.

Putting a friendly poker game together 

Playing poker with your friends on the weekend perhaps is one of the most “old school” options on this list. You can play for small stakes with your friends and see time pass by without even noticing. Setting up a poker table is also easy, and there are poker chips that you can buy at your local novelty store.


Euchre is a game where four players split into two teams of two and compete for tricks. It’s a trump-based game and only takes a few minutes to learn. It’s not usually associated with gambling. Euchre is a great game to have at parties. The stakes are up to the players, and I usually played for $10 a game plus $5 a euchre or $20 a game and $10 a euchre.

The weather 

Perhaps, predicting the weather is one of the most challenging things you can do. There are times where even your local weatherman is mistaken on how the day is going to go, which makes it the perfect thing to bet on with your friends. You can bet on what the temperature will be tomorrow, or it’s going to snow or rain.

Sports simulations 

If you are tired of your friends beating you in 2k, you can try to keep your chances up by having to bet on a simulated game. Unless statistics matter on the game like in fighting sports games, sports games are mostly unpredictable. When you’re missing the drama of a basketball game coming down to the wire, the virtual version could be an alternative.

Online sports betting 

You can also bet on sports together. Placing different bets on different wagers can be a massive chance for you and your friends to make money together. You can bet on the same outcome while all of you watch the same sport together or bet differently and see who among you will win the cash prize.


Some of these games you can play when you get together, and others you can play on a schedule. It doesn’t matter which game you play or how often you play, as long as everyone has fun and has a chance to win. If you want to start sports betting today, you can always go o

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