Sports betting trends for 2021 [INFOGRAPHIC]

There are people who take their passion for sports to the next level that they gamble on it at every chance that they could. If you love sports betting in Kenya, you should always be aware of the changes in the betting industry as time progresses because of better ways to bet and technological developments which are constant.

Emerging trends always seek to offer gamblers improved gaming and betting experiences and the top bookmakers always race each other to present the best possible offers. Today, sports betting fanatics are now on the lookout for the upcoming trends for 2021. If you have no idea yet, here are some betting trends this year.

Sports betting trends for 2021 [INFOGRAPHIC]

The advancement of e-sport betting

The year 2020 has been one like no other, in just about every sense. No one could have predicted the pause of pretty much every live professional sport out there, and during that time of the shutdown, those who wished to take part in sports betting had to look elsewhere.

E-sports had been an excellent platform for every bettor out there as it continued to operate last year despite the pandemic and for sure it will thrive for more years to come. According to some statistics, e-sports viewing even had more views than traditional sporting events last year.

Player tracking is emerging

The trend of player tracking is not as huge as the trend of e-sports. However, this is a trend you should look at. Player tracking is the idea that you can in fact track the personal fitness and activity of specific players at a time. Live-tracking of their health, meaning real-time data, is a new concept.

People who know how to track a player’s records can make a well-informed bet in the following games. You have more information at your fingertips, which can essentially help you to place a wager. Although this one isn’t a widespread trend as of yet, it’ll continue to pick up steam and interest.

Easier last-minute betting

A good number of online gamblers place their bet the last minute. Some gamblers can quickly make predictions while others need more time to know who their pick is. the recent technological evolutions and advancements in sports betting have made it much easier for punters to adopt this last-minute betting trend.

Most online sportsbooks have this option already which makes it easier for people to bet at the very last minute. This particular method really seems to appeal to newbies at sports betting, as they may be unsure of their bet until that absolute last minute.

Free bonuses for new bettors

Free bets and bonuses are perhaps the most exciting trends in 2021. They allow gamblers to bet without placing their hard-earned money at risk. You can get bonuses now if you are either a loyal bettor at a sportsbook or a new bettor who wants to try your luck in the venture of online sports betting in Kenya.

Where can you start betting?

This year is indeed an interesting year in the world of sports betting due to these trends. There are several trusted live casino betting site in Singapore and Kenya. If you want to test your skills in online gambling, you can starts betting on

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