The 10 wealthiest football players in Kenya

One of the main attractions in the country of Kenya is football. For some Kenyans, they consider football like religion and devote themselves to the sport. Football games are also the main story of every sports page in every Kenyan newspaper. In terms of sports betting in Kenya, football is also the number one sport where people place their bets.

It is no secret that football players are given a considerable amount of money to play for the national team or join other sports leagues. A footballer should always stay fit, so the stamina is developed, maintains an excellent public image, trains every day, and has the natural athletic skills to score points and pass the ball to your teammates.

Being a successful football player means that you live in the lap of luxury. If you want to know who the wealthiest footballers in Kenya are, here is our comprehensive list.

The most productive football players in Kenya 

Victor Wanyama

Wanyama is undoubtedly one of the all-time greats in the history of Kenyan football, making him also one of the wealthiest. Victor is known for winning several honors on different football clubs and straddled the football field like a Colossus. He is pegged to be procuring Ksh20-35million a month. He was also known for buying an Sh25 million car,

Patrick Osiako

Osiako is an excellent player who also earns a lumpsum amount at around 6.5 -7 million a month and has significant investments in Kenya. The press always rivals him to the likes of Wanyama and McDonald Mariga. Because of his agility and skill in the field, he earns around Sh 3.5 million a month playing for Norway and Romania.

Arnold Origi

Who said that the only people who earn a lot in football are those running on the field? Origi is known for giving players a problematic time in scoring a goal. If you watch Kenyan football, it is impossible not to remember Origi. He made a significant impact on the First division side Ullensaker/Kisa and now earns a Sh 3 million every month.

McDonald Mariga

he bulky midfielder won the champions league with Inter Milan and has played for various clubs in Italy. Before Real Oviedo of Spain bought him, Mariga moved and played in China. E has amassed wealth that places him behind his younger brother, Victor Wanyama, in the country. He won the Champions League before joining Inter.

Jamal Mohamed

According to many sports critics and reporters, Mohamed is considered the perfect and most skillful midfielder that Kenya has ever produced. Mohamed is commonly known as the star of the show in yesteryears for the national team. He lives large and is usually seen in various parties and entertainment joints.

Michael Olunga

Olunga is known as “the engineer” because his qualification is a Kenyan international currently playing for Girona in Spain. He made history by becoming the first player to score a hattrick against Las Palmas. He was also one of the major players last year as he was bought by the Chinese side Guizhou Zhicheng for Sh400 million.

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