The Best Betting Markets for Amazing Returns

There are several markets available that bettors can choose from to make their bets. Not all markets are the same, however, and one can have higher or lower odds than the other, either resulting in higher winnings or better financial security.

Win-Draw-Win (WDW)

What’s known as the most popular betting market there is is the win-draw-win market where bettors have the option to bet for a home win, an away win, or a draw. If the bettor placed a bet that the opposing teams will land at a draw at the end of the 90 minutes of regular time, then the bettor won regardless of any scores made during extra time.

The win-draw-win bet’s simplicity made it into a famous market for various sports bettors, including the newer ones, especially since it is the most common market offered by bookmakers. When a bettor is equipped with sufficient knowledge on the teams themselves, then one can have a high chance of winning a bet.

The odds in a win-draw-win are high enough to provide amazing returns in the long run, especially since predicting the outcomes of the games are easier than in other markets.

Goal Goal (GG)

A disadvantage arises in the win-draw-win market when both teams are equally matched, resulting in having a risky time placing a bet on who will win or on whether they’ll have a draw or not. The risk present lets bettors choose the Goal Goal bet where the result of the match is irrelevant as long as both teams either score or don’t score.

A bettor will have to pick whether both teams would score or not when placing a bet, keeping your chances of winning high even when both teams are evenly matched. Also, if it seems that one team is leading and about to win, as long as its opponent manages to score, the bettor wins.

Win and Goal Goal

The Win and Goal Goal market is an extension of the GG market, which allows a bettor to choose a combination of home win, away win, or draw and GG yes or GG no. When selecting home win GG no then the team playing at home will have to win without letting the other team make a score.

The Win and Goal Goal market is priced higher than the GG since it has a lot more at stake than the GG. It is harder to win a bet in this market as there is a higher risk of losing than winning, but it can give a bettor some massive winnings when equipped with sufficient knowledge to win a bet.

Total Match Goals Over/Under

Just like the GG, Total Match Goals Over/Under does not require a single team to win and is only reliant on the number of goals scored within the 90 minutes of regular time plus the injury time. Goals scored during the extra time do not count.

Bettors can bet on the lowest odds which is the over 0.5 which means that at least one goal would be made during the match or the under 0.5 which means that neither team would make a single score, resulting in significantly higher odds. The most popular bet, however, is either over or under 2.5 scores.

Betting opportunities are much easier to identify in Total Match Goals Over/Under after researching about the teams participating in the match.

Asian Handicap

One of the most recently introduced betting markets, the Asian Handicap either adds a deficit or a head start of goals to a particular team, resulting in a level playing field between two disproportionate teams.

The underdog can have a head start that would assure them victory as long as their opponent won’t score more than their score and the handicap combined. A team with a 0.5 head start is guaranteed success even if they fail to make a score as long as their opponent doesn’t make a single score.

Bookmakers tend to pay out higher on Asian Handicaps than on win-draw-win markets, making it a prevalent market for many bettors since they have a higher chance of beating the bookmakers.

Double Chance

The Double Chance market offers more security to a bettor, keeping them from losing significant amounts of money when one bet ends up failing. The odds are significantly lower; however, as you’re betting on two different outcomes that give you a higher chance of winning.

The Double Chance market is excellent both for pre-match and in-play since there are times when an out-of-form big-name team would play against a lesser-known one, resulting in much more undetermined results. The out-of-form big team might have a high chance of not losing but a lower certainty of winning a game against the lesser-known home team. It’s safer to bet for an away win or draw than betting in a win-draw-win in favor of any team.

While in-play, bettors can use Double Chance when there are indications of a late comeback occurring and the team they bet on might experience either a draw or defeat.

Double Chance might have lower odds, but when used in accumulators, the odds can become significantly higher as long as the right games are chosen.

Picking which market to bet on is being strategic on where you’ll put your money on. Having too much confidence in your team while disregarding the capabilities of the other is disastrous in betting.

Having sufficient knowledge on the teams and games themselves is one thing, but knowing which market to bet on is another that can dictate whether you’ll receive amazing returns or not. Betting only on one market regardless of the differences in the chances of winning per game can equate to betting blindly and can result in losing significant amounts of money.

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