The best football betting strategies (Infographic)

Sports betting in Kenya is a vast industry. It is one of the sectors where the country gets its Gross Domestic Product. Online sports betting is huge in Kenya that over half of the country’s population are actively participating in Kenyan online sports betting. One of the sports they mostly bet on is football as Kenyans love this sport.

Football is the most popular sport in Kenya that no other game comes close to its prominence. Both international and local leagues are followed in the Kenyan newspapers. When the national team does well in the world cup, crowds of close to 60,000 attend the matches, with millions more watching on Television.

Perhaps, you might want to try to bet on football games online. Or if you are an online sports betting enthusiast, you may have wagered a few times. If you want to know different betting strategies, here are some that you can consider.

Avoid chasing losses with bigger bets 

One of the biggest mistakes people make is betting more money than what they lost once they have encountered a betting failure. Most of the time, this results in a loss being doubled instead of recovering from it. Once you encounter a loss, you can always try to bet lesser and recover from the losses slowly.

Be against the public 

Most people who bet on football games often lose. Knowing what the majority of people bet is an excellent way to get informed on where the other side of the coin is. Bookies are good at setting odds, though, so consider carefully. Don’t just blindly employ this strategy across the board. The underdog’s win is only worth it if the prize is enormous.

Do not bet to make the game more exciting 

Yes, gambling with your friends over a football game gets you more excited as you have the chance to earn money while having fun. However, if you want to take betting seriously, you should carefully choose your battles and consider betting on those that are a good play. It would be best if you also thought of concentrating on researching on sports teams.

Consider different factors

The conditions before and during a game can primarily affect the outcome. Considering these conditions can help you win your money. Always check for the team performance, winning or losing streaks, travel time to the arena, previous matchups, injuries, standings, and schedule to weigh the outcome of the game.

Following steam moves 

Following steam, moves are about trying to emulate what the astute bettors are doing. Steaming involves betting a considerable amount of money that bookmakers and betting sites have no choice but to make significant changes to their odds and lines. Following steam, moves are about trying to emulate what the astute bettors are doing.

Where can I place my bets?

Before betting, always research the sports team that you are betting to. Having a favorite sports team is normal, but this should never affect you from your betting choices. And if you are interested in Kenyan sports betting, you can begin by going to

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