Top Bet Winners in Kenya

Sports betting is popular in Kenya thanks to the high unemployment rate in the nation and the availability of online sports betting in the country. Naturally, many sports bettors have already managed to win many small bets. Some of these bettors are also likely to establish a betting record to make many small winnings until they accumulate over time.

Winning big as safely as possible will take time, and not all have the patience to see it through. Some bettors resort to using multibets to try their luck in winning big. Multibets are hard to win in since a punter places bets in multiple games, and they’ll have to get all of their predictions right to win, and one loss means that their entire bet is gone.

Some sports betting sites in Kenya offer bonuses to make multibets easier by either allowing a punter to get a refund of their stake or not losing the entire bet when they only lost one match. Some sports bettors coming from poor backgrounds have managed to win big thanks to multibets, and the bonuses offered to them by the sports betting sites they placed a bet on.

Below are some of the luckiest sports bettors in Kenya.

Gordon Paul Ogada Ksh 230 Million

Multibets may be hard to win in since the odds stack up, and it might seem impossible to predict how many different games will end, but many Kenyans got rich because of it. Gordon Paul Ogada is currently the biggest bet winner in Kenya after winning Ksh 230 million after successfully predicting the outcome of the 17 games in his multibet.

Gordon placed his Ksh 100 bet online and has said that this is the best way to win a jackpot since he can bet anywhere as long as he has an internet connection. He also advised other sports bettors to rely on their personal analysis of the game, to have self-confidence in betting, and to make sports betting a hobby.

Ogada didn’t stop betting after winning his 230 million as he won 200,000 in another bet.

Samuel Abisai Ksh 221 Million

Samuel Abisai is one of the biggest bet winners in Kenya after lady luck smiled at him last May 2017 by letting him win his 17-leg multibet. He was the biggest bet winner in Kenya until Ogada won his Ksh 230 million the next year.28-year-old Abisai is the first Kenyan to have won such an amount through betting, and this win has been able to lift him off of poverty and move to Europe.

Abisai has managed to set up a fashion house in the Netherlands. Abisai stated in an interview that he might no longer be betting after winning his Ksh 221 million jackpot.

Dr. Stanley Kiplagat Ksh 10.14 Million

Dr. Stanley Kiplagat is one sports bettor who was saved by a sports betting site’s bonus since he was only able to successfully predict the outcome of 16 of the 17 matches he placed a bet on. Thanks to the save, he was able to win Ksh 10.14 million.

Dr. Stanley began betting on June 2019 and has won several multibets until he won the jackpot in August. He expressed his joy at his winnings and urged his fellow Kenyans to gamble responsibly.

Timothy M’Kuciana Ksh 10 Million

Live betting has plenty of advantages for sports bettors since being able to watch a game also allows them to gather real-time information on how it will end up. Timothy M’Kuciana is one bettor who experienced the benefits of live betting in Kenya first hand as he managed to win Ksh 10 million on his 8-leg multibet.

Timothy staked Ksh 83 on his 8-leg multibet on Basketball games. He didn’t expect that he’d be so lucky during his New Year.


Many sports bettors managed to win big through multibets, and people should indeed try them out. To be able to have a better chance of winning multibets, people should only bet in online sports betting sites.

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