Top Football Leagues Returning After COVID-19 Stoppage

Football is undoubtedly the most famous sport in the world. More than 100 countries worldwide have football sports teams that represent their respective nations in the top major football leagues. For online sports bettors, football is among the top sports that online gaming enthusiasts root for because of its intense nature.

However, this year has been terrible for football fans, online gaming enthusiasts, and even football fields because of the Coronavirus pandemic. It is known to everyone that you cannot go near a person because you may contract the virus. You may be wondering where your favorite football leagues end up after COVID-19.

Different approaches to different leagues 

Different leagues have different approaches when it comes to dealing with the pandemic. European countries show diversity in their methods and efforts to resume football leagues’ operations despite the virus. For instance, Spain’s La Liga plans to start their season in June without an audience’s presence.

On the other hand, the French league crowned Paris Saint-Germain as champions after ending the season with ten unplayed matches. Amiens and Toulouse, and leaving Lyon seventh, denying them European qualification. Like France, The Dutch season was abandoned, and Belgium is likely to restart the next year.

Turkey plans to host the Champions League in mid-June and seeks to complete the season by the end of July. Turkey also plans to host the Champions League final in August despite the warnings of a critical medics’ body to avoid resuming sports during the pandemic. Several athletes also tested positive for Coronavirus.

European football during Coronavirus 

Germany’s Bundesliga began on May 16 without the presence of an audience. The league also mandated a strict health protocol at their venues. The German Cup semi-finals will be played on June 9 and 10, with the final scheduled for July 4. For online sports bettors, this means that you can now bet for your favorite German teams.

If you are fond of English football, the Premier League will restart on June 17 with two games at hand, Aston Villa vs. Sheffield United, and Manchester City vs. Arsenal. A full fixture of the list will be played on June 19-21, and just like the rules of Bundesliga, these games will be played without fans in attendance.


Prime minister Pedro Sanchez stated on May 23 that Spain’s La Liga cam return to action on June 23. La Liga has to announce a date on when they will resume. However, president Javier said that the league could start on June 11. All organized football in Spain was suspended on March 12, although some clubs have returned to group training.



Vincenzo Spadafora, sports minister of Italy, said that the country’s top football league had been permitted to start the league on June 20. The resumption of the association could be preceded by Italian Cup matches one week earlier. As of today, Serie A is now ready to continue their operations and start a few games.


As said earlier, the French government crowned Saint-Germain as this year’s champions. Olympique Lyonnais said they would claim damages after they were denied a European spot. Relegated Amiens and Toulouse also threatened to initiate legal action.


When the lockdown for Europe ended, the Azerbaijan Premier League planned for the resumption of the competition after a few weeks after the lift. However, the government extended the lockdown until May 31, which made it impossible to have social gatherings and sporting events before June.


It would be best if you took note that despite most European countries are having a lockdown, Belarus remained as the only country on the continent which never prohibited playing football. The country’s football federation postponed one Belarusian Premier League match scheduled on May 15, due to suspected COVID-19 cases.


A record-equaling ninth successive season, Celtic was declared as the Scottish champions while Hearts were relegated after the clubs voted on May 18 to end the Premiership season early. Because of this, Hearts consider taking the battle to the higher court.

European football after Coronavirus 

There have been several protocols and instructions on the operations of football leagues across Europe. One example of this protocol is the ban on having an audience watch games at sporting venues. Once the virus has ended, you can expect that everything will go back to normal. For now, you can still bet on your favorite sports teams.

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