UFC betting markets

The Ultimate Fighting Championship is arguably be the toughest competition between fighters when it comes to fighting style. Unlike amateur wrestling, martial arts, or boxing, you can use whatever fighting style you want as long as you beat your opponent via knockout, stoppage, submission, or decision of the judges.

Over the years, the UFC has been more popular worldwide. It exploded more because of mainstream media fighters like Connor McGregor and his antics before a match. If you watch the UFC and would like to make money, it is best if you try sports betting in Kenya through UFC betting markets. Sports betting also adds to the thrill of the sport.

UFC betting markets are similar to those available for boxing matches and the number of markets available will depend on how popular the bout is. For example, for a major fight between two top UFC fighters, bookies may offer more betting markets.

Winner of the fight

The easiest betting market where you can win is the winner of the fight as it has a 50/50 chance unlike other betting markets. In betting for the winner of the fight, you should know the stats of the fighters and their specialty. Knowing which fighter will exploit the weakness of the other gives you an advantage as a sports bettor.

Method of victory

What makes UFC fun is the unpredictability of the results of the fight. Generally, you also have to pick one of the two fighters to win via this method. For example, ‘Conor McGregor to win by KO’. However, you may find a bookie offering these markets on either fighter. For example, ‘Either fighter to win by KO’.

  • What is considered a knockout?

Knockouts happen if a fighter is no longer conscious after the opponent inflicted a punch, kick, knee, elbow or slam (or a combination of those blows). Technical knockouts or stoppage can also occur if a fighter is still conscious but the referee, cornerman, or doctor decides to stop the fight to prevent the fighter from having serious damage.

  • What is a submission?

Submissions mostly occur if a fighter “taps out” after the opponent put him on a hold that applies pressure in a specific area causing pain or injury. These grapples and holds are mostly done on the neck, arm, or legs. Sometimes, there are even submission holds that apply pressure to multiple parts of the body.

Round betting

Similar to in boxing, you can bet on a number of round markets. These include betting on one of the two fighters to win in a specific round or how many rounds the fight will last regardless of which fighter wins.

Where can you start betting on UFC fights?

If you want to bet on UFC fights, you should first know how fighters win and the previous fights of the fighters. There are several trusted and best online sportsbook in Singapore and Kenya. If you want to bet now on UFC fights or other sports betting in Kenya, you can go to our website at www.chezacash.com today.

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