Understanding Free Bets

Many people are afraid of engaging in sports betting because they think that they will lose or get addicted and fall into poverty. Luckily, online sports betting sites offer various promotions to attract customers by minimizing the risk of betting.

One promotion that bookies offer is free bets in Kenya that eliminates the risk of losing money while giving Kenyan bettors a chance to earn it. Free bets may seem to be too good to be true, but it’s indeed a thing among online bookmakers.

How Free Bets Work

Free bets don’t use real money, but bettors can win money as long as they’re able to use it wisely. The difference between a regular bet and a free bet is that you won’t have to stake any amount of your money with free bets. The only drawback, if one can call it that, is that you won’t get your stake back when you win.

If a sports bettor wins a free bet, then the stake will be deducted from the total winnings, and the bettor can have what’s left. Reputable betting sites that prioritize customer retention will offer free bets to attract and retain customers as part of their promotions.

Bettors are typically qualified to benefit from free bets once they open a new account or when they deposit a certain amount in their betting accounts.

Types of Free Bets

There are many different types of free bets available for sports bettors, and they’re offered such in several instances, including the following:

  • First registering on the website
  • After depositing a certain amount in the betting account
  • Once in a certain period
  • During a particular event
  • When first betting in a mobile app
  • After referring a friend to an online sports betting site

Not all betting sites offer the same types of free bets, but most online bookies offer free bets on new participants.

Advantages of Free Bets

Both the sports bettor and the bookmaker have different benefits when it comes to free bets. Sports bettors will generally be able to bet without having to worry about any financial loss since they won’t be using any real money.

The sports bettor can benefit from the following:

  • Risk-free betting
  • Chance to evaluate betting opportunities with the bookie
  • Chance to try a new betting strategy

Online sports betting sites can benefit from the following:

  • Chance to attract new players
  • Chance to retain existing players

How to Use Free Bets Effectively

Free bets are indeed advantageous for a sports bettor, and it’s easy to understand why people would think that free bets are too good to be true since it has no risks. The thing is when people don’t know how to use free bets to their advantage, they won’t be able to reap the benefits associated with them.

Sports bettors can take advantage of free bets by doing the following:

  • Doubling the bankroll
  • Hedging a bet
  • Using free bets for matched betting

This 2020, free bets will still be widely used by online bookmakers to promote their services, even as new promotions appear. Sports bettors will still be able to use free bets as they’re one of the best ways to attract players due to their no-risk nature.

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