What is the future of casino gaming? [Infographic]

Las Vegas Boulevard was a scene of empty sidewalks, boarded up casino doors and entrances, and desolate establishments because of the pandemic. However, this changed on June 4 as Nevada Governor Steve Sisolak announced the reopening of casinos for the first time since the lockdown in April.

In the last twenty years, casino gaming has evolved from being a rich hobby to being accessible to every individual due to technology. For the most part, we’ve drifted from the traditional land-based casinos to online and mobile gambling platforms. We also have faster security systems with the use of encryption and safer payment options.

Now that the world has changed again, there should be significant changes in gambling and sports betting in Kenya. As a casino gamer, you should know these changes so you can adapt to your environment. Here are some recent changes that can affect the future of casino gaming.

Casino based-apps and mobile gaming 

It is a no-brainer that the use of mobile phones and smartphones has skyrocketed over the last decade. This has increased the potential to develop and design mobile gambling or casino-like games on mobile phones. Expect that there are casino apps that you can bet on in the coming years and not rely on a web browser, unlike today’s online casinos.

Design gaming surfaces with antimicrobial materials

Casinos in Vegas are now open, but it does not mean that everything is back to normal. There are strict protocols in how people play casinos and the items used in these games. Cards, chips, dice, or even a lever used in slot machines can carry bacteria. That is why you should expect casino equipment made of antimicrobial materials.

Domination of skill-based elements

There is a current trend in gambling in recent years, and that trend is people playing more skill-based games like poker and blackjack over luck-based games such as slot machines and roulettes. Soon, we might be witnessing games based more on skills rather than on pure luck.

Introducing gaming hubs and lounges

There are areas and states where gambling physically is still legal. One alternative way casinos come up with this problem is by making gaming hubs and lodges where gamblers can gamble on their smartphones. These spaces could be envisioned as gaming lounges with comfortable furniture and cocktail service like physical casinos.

Use of push notifications 

You might receive push notifications from your social media accounts that tell if someone tagged you, liked your photo, commented on your status, or sent you a direct message. In the future, it was predicted that there would also be push notifications when it comes to sports bets, wagers, and the status of games that you bet on.


Other technological advancements like Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, and Blockchain technologies are already being implemented in the gambling world. It would be no shocker if one day, you can play casino games as if you are in a real casino in the comforts of your own home.

Where can you start betting?

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