What Kenyan Sports Bettors Should Do During Coronavirus Outbreak (Infographic)

The postponement of various football leagues and other sports events around the world led to the severe lack of live games to bet on. Sports betting in Kenya became limited as the more popular games were suspended, and obscure matches remained.

Sports bettors might have a hard time adjusting since they’re in unfamiliar grounds, but it doesn’t mean that they should end their betting careers immediately.


Most successful sports bettors around the world spent significant amounts of their time poring over various teams’ data. They check on the status of the teams’ players, recent matches, managers, past achievements, and others, including even the starting players when live betting.

Sports bettors must make full use of the time to check on how the teams and players are faring in the pandemic, especially since they’ll have a chance to rest while they’re in lockdown if their countries have strict quarantine laws.

Football is the world’s most popular sport, and it boasts many different leagues where top players can show their skills and aim to be the best. Football stars Lionel Messi, Cristiano Ronaldo, Neymar, and others are currently training in various ways while in self-isolation.

Six-time Ballon d’Or winner Lionel Messi trains in his outdoor football pitch and private gym to stay fit. Other professional players also aren’t getting lax these days as they make do to continue their training and workout routines to keep in shape.

Sports bettors can also check on the various betting markets available so they can better understand them and bet knowledgeably in the future.

Limit Bets

The limited number of games available has naturally limited the number of bets punters can make during the coronavirus pandemic, but they can still place multiple bets. Most of the remaining games will likely be unknown to many bettors, so it’s better to play it safe and make more careful bets.

Limiting the bets made during the pandemic can ensure that the bettor’s losses are low. Sticking to live betting also limits the chances of losing since punters can strategize on how they’ll bet based on real-time data.

Virtual betting in Kenya is already popular among punters and will only likely increase in popularity during the pandemic. Virtual betting is volatile, and the outcomes are usually random since the result is dependent on a random number generator.

Sports bettors should be careful in betting by wagering only small amounts and not chasing any of their losses.

Take a Break

Sports bettors can also consider taking a break from betting for the duration of the games’ suspension. Betting for a few times per week and then taking a break afterward is also advisable for punters to keep themselves from losing money.

The pandemic has likely taken a toll on the individual bettor’s finances, and continuously losing money through risky bets will only be financially damaging for a punter. In these times, it’s vital to have the funds to weather the pandemic, and taking a break more frequently these days ensures greater financial security.

Bettors can see this time as a perfect time to save money so they can immediately get back to betting when the games resume. Kenyan sports might find this time to be annoying since they won’t be able to bet on jackpots, but it’s better than losing money in risky bets.


The coronavirus pandemic has negatively affected the sports betting industry worldwide as many leagues and games were postponed, leaving little for people to bet on. Kenyan sports bettors should be more careful on how they bet. Still, they shouldn’t consider leaving the industry as sports betting has already shown how profitable it is for responsible bettors.

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