What to Bet on During Coronavirus Outbreak

Thanks to the coronavirus pandemic, many leagues and games worldwide were suspended, and sports bettors virtually ran out of things to bet on. The industry of sports betting in Kenya and the rest of East Africa was greatly affected by COVID-19 since they ran out of games to offer, and many bettors decided to save money by taking a break.

There will still be bettors today, and there isn’t a time when there is really nothing left to bet on, especially since there’re still some games elsewhere, including virtual sports. Sports bettors who still want to continue betting should look for them and research thoroughly to ensure that they can win.


Although the English Premier League was suspended and its Kenyan fans can’t bet on familiar grounds, however, there is still football elsewhere. Because the Republic of Belarus did not impose a lockdown amidst the coronavirus pandemic, the Belarusian Premier League is still ongoing.

There are still other leagues occurring in other parts of the world, and bettors should start getting familiar with them to continue betting. The additional knowledge on other leagues is also advantageous for punters since they can integrate them on their sports betting strategies and increase their chances of winning.


Basketball is another popular sport worldwide, and many people are also monitoring the outcome of the games. Some of the betting markets present in football are also in basketball, which makes it easier for bettors to bet on the sport. Basketball betting uses the point spread and over/under market, and football bettors will find that they’re already familiar with them.

There will still be games occurring in other countries, and it can be challenging to look for them. Should they be successful, then they can start betting on them and incorporate them into their existing betting strategies.

Ice Hockey

Eastern Europe seems unfazed with the effects of the novel coronavirus. The Euro Hockey Tour is still going on, and it can be profitable as long as bettors research it thoroughly. Some markets are even similar to those of football.

First-time ice hockey sports bettors can try out simple markets like the totals market or the over/under ones.

Cyber Leagues and eSports

eSports are already popular worldwide as people recognize that gaming also takes skill and can become competitive. There are already multiple eSports world championships, and people can even place bets on them.

Some of the eSports events include Multiplayer Online Battle Arena (MOBA), multiplayer battle royale, first-person shooter, and even sport simulation games. Sports bettors might have difficulties betting on video games, but sport simulation games might be more familiar ground for bettors.

Basketball, football, and other sport simulation games have cyber leagues and other eSports events that bettors can bet on. There may be some differences in the betting markets, but the fact that the outcome will largely depend on the player’s skill may be advantageous to the punter.

Virtual Betting

The coronavirus pandemic can’t affect virtual betting since the games won’t be suspended due to concerns on social distancing. Even before the coronavirus outbreak, many people already bet on virtual sports, and many like its randomness.

There’re no fixed matches, biased referees, and other external factors that can affect the match’s outcome. Bettors don’t have to worry about getting robbed of their cash due to manipulations on the games. The only problem present is that no long-term betting strategy can be formulated to make a living in virtual betting.

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