Why Lionel Messi Winning the Ballon d’Or is Important

Many football players in the world no longer simply dream of being able to hold a trophy triumphantly after several tough competitions as they also aim to one day being able to win the Ballon d’Or. The most significant individual award that a footballer can hope to win and being able to win one speaks highly of a football player’s skills.

The Ballon d’Or is so prominent today thanks to two events, which are the emergence of two great players in the game that led to great player rivalries on determining who’s the best in the world and the temporary merging of the FIFA’s Player of the Year prize and the France Football award.

Anyone who manages to earn the Ballon d’Or can be considered the best football player in the world.

The Recognition as the Best

Lionel Messi recently won his sixth Ballon d’Or this 2019 against both Cristiano Ronaldo, the previous winner of the award, and Virgil van Dijk. The fact that his recent Ballon d’Or is his sixth is already a clear testament to his skills, but the fact that it’s a record-breaker adds more weight to the achievement.

Lionel Messi was tied with Ronaldo with five Ballon d’Ors each, and being able to break this ensures that Messi is once again alone at the top.

The record-breaking sixth Ballon d’Or was awarded thanks to his team and his exemplary performance in the leagues. Receiving the award is equivalent to being the best, and Virgil van Dijk even said, “I think Messi is the best player in the world. So I’m not thinking of that. But if I win, I’ll take it. Messi should win it though. He is the best in the world, whether he’s in the final or not.”

The Possibility that He will Remain at the Top

As stated before, only the best player in the world will receive the Ballon d’Or, and Messi’s recent achievement to break the tie with Ronaldo make him the best in the world once more. Neither of the two was able to claim supremacy over the other in 2018 since none of them met the aim to win the Champions League, which presented more opportunities to win the award.

Messi has a chance to claim his seventh award in 2020, especially after he said that he could do more after winning his sixth award. After saying that he can improve his skills and do better, one can watch closely and see whether or not he can deliver.

If Lionel Messi can truly improve further and stay at the top, football fans and sports bettors can watch him closely and place their bets on him and his team while expecting successes in the leagues.

The Challenge to Surpass Messi

There’s always a chance that another football player will be able to beat Lionel Messi for the Ballon d’Or and eventually break his record of six awards. Messi said in an interview that he thinks that someone might be able to get more than six awards, but he’s still unsure of who’ll be able to achieve this.

Football fans and sports bettors alike can research who’ll likely surpass Messi soon and possibly beat him in 2020 for the award. There’s a lot of talk on how Virgil van Dijk deserved to win the Ballon d’Or and how he should have won it instead of Messi.

Virgil said that he was slightly disappointed that he didn’t win the award, but that he didn’t expect to win it anyway. Due to public opinion on the Liverpool defender’s skills, fans can look closely and see if he’ll be able to win the next Ballon d’Or.

Messi’s achievements opened up the opportunity for other footballers to aim high and bring more excitement to the sport.


Winning the Ballon d’Or is exceptionally significant for any football player since a victory from Ronaldo can potentially create another duopoly between him and Messi. A win from another footballer can keep any duopoly from forming once more, and an award for Messi once more can potentially keep anyone from besting his achievements.

One can say that the winner of the Ballon d’Or and his team will also be an excellent choice for short odds betting and let careful sports bettors and beginners have an easy time when placing their bets.

Messi’s sixth Ballon d’Or is instrumental in making football more exciting for everyone.

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